General von Steuben day in the United States

General von Steuben Day in the United States is the celebration of Military Partnerships between Germany and the US for centuries………

                              General von SteubenGeneral von Steuben training US Army at Valley Forge 1778 ©The NCO Journal of the US Army/Army news service


General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben (17 September 1730 – 28 November 1794),  the Prußian Military Commander who played a highly crucial role in the US Continental Army for achieving victory in Revolutionary war.

“Steuben’s portrait doesn’t grace any currency. His name may not evoke the same familiarity as Washington, Lincoln or Kennedy. He doesn’t have a granite tribute brimming with tourists on the National Mall.  But his contribution to the annals of the US Army — and the United States— is  astonishing.                                             

“Many historians have deemed General von Steuben the “Father of the American Military”  for his role in building Gen. George Washington’s Continental Army  from a bedraggled bunch to a regimented, disciplined force that went toe-to-toe with the British on battlefields in Monmouth, Stony Point and Yorktown en route to American independence.                                                                       

While his Military experience before the Revolutionary War as a Prussian Officer was largely embellished, Steuben’s guidance upon his arrival at Valley Forge Pennsylvania, on Feb. 23, 1778, led to major changes, some of which pervade throughout the Army until the present  day.                                                                           

He trained Soldiers in the use of the bayonet. He established standards for camp layouts and sanitation.  But Steuben’s biggest gift to the Army was the creation of the American Noncommissioned Officer (NCO)”   from the US Army the NCO Journal by Pablo Villa

Every year on the third Saturday of September is held the celebration of General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben across the United States.  The parade is the one of the most important cultural and historical events that the German Embassy,  the US Armed-Forces, Law-Enforcements and many other prominent German-American organisations are all takeing part in it.


                             General Von Steuben day Parade, NY
General von Steuben parade in NYC©


©German-American Steuben Parade


This year the German Air-Force and the US Military Academy Bands, will present a concert on September 21 at Eisenhower Hall Theater NYC to celebrate the General von Steuben Day.

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