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October 2014

Colonel Robert Dunton from the US Army has been awarded ‘German Armed Forces Foreign Duty Medal’ for his remarkable leadership as the Military Assistant of the Chief of Staff at the Headquarters of the Kosovo Force (KFOR)  where he worked in 2013 in a close partnership with die Bundeswehr Operational mission in KFOR.

The cermony was held in Construction Facilities Management Office (CFMO) of Army National Guard Draper, Utah on  20 October 2014.  On behalf of German Embassy the German Honorary Consul Charles W. Dahlquist II and Major General Jefferson S. Burton from the US Army presented the award.


February 2014

Mr. John C. Wirick of the US Department of Defense has been awarded by die Bundeswehr the Silver Cross of Honour, for his outstanding works and dedication to German- American exchange programme.

die Bundeswehr Award ceremony Feb.2014 Colonel Klaus-Werner Finck from the  Army Attaché of the Deutsche Botschaft in Washington DC,  presented the Award to Mr. John C. Wirick at the Pentagon.  Feb.2014 ©


The United States Military Academy at West Point. April 2013

                    De Maiziere in den USA

At the United States Military Academy at West Point,  Minister de Maizère and Lt. General Huntoon, superintendent of the academy, exchanged gifts,  (Image courtesy of




January  2013

On behalf of Germany’s Minister of Defense, Brigadier General Backen awarded the German Armed Forces Cross of Honour in Silver to US Colonel John E. Novalis II.


Commander Novalis as the head of American combat Forces during the period of his mission in Afghanistan ensured with all the capacities within his unit to protect the ISAF Forces in northern Afghanistan where Bundeswehr is stationed.   (Image courtesy of Germany.Info)




December 2012

The German Defense Ministry Awarded  the German Armed Forces Medal in Bronze to the American Chief of Staff for Kosovo Forces Brigadier General Rex A. Spitler


Deutscher Brigadier General Dirk Backen with the US Brigadier General Rex. A Spitler. Washington DC December 12, 2012. (Image courtesy of Germany.Info)



November 2012

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Horry was awarded the German Armed Forces Foreign Duty Medal for his outstanding service during his deployment in Kosovo, where he was the tactical leader of the Deutsche KFOR Task Force in 2011

M.2012 Honorary Consul,  Herr. Stephan Helgesen  mit  Lieutenant Colonel Michael Horry.  (Image courtesy of New Mexico National Guard)



November 2012

U.S Army Captain Brian Kain was Awarded  the German Armed Forces Foreign Duty Medal for his courage and great help to Germany Humanitarians mission in Kabul during his deployment in Afghanistan in 2010.

                                                                                   M. Nove.2012  Germany Honorary Consul, Herr.  Schumacher mit  US Major General R. Martin Umbarger, and Captain Kain. (Image courtesy of Germany. Info und  Sgt. 1st Class Matt Scotten, Indiana National Guard)



February 2012

General Petraeus, the commander of  ISAF 2010-2011, was awarded Germany’s highest honors:  ‘The Knight Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Deutschland’

                                                      Petraeus-2012 Defense Minister de Maizière with General Petraeus. (Image courtesy of Germany.Info/C. Avril)





October 2012

Celebration of German Unification Day in German Embassy Washington DC, October 3 2012


October 2012 ©Deutsche Botschaft Washington DC





December 2011

On behalf of German Government, Ambassador Dr. Ammon awarded U.S Staff Sergeant Peter Woken the Medal of Honor for Gallantry in Action of Deutschland for his bravery act to help the German troops in the heavy combat in Afghanistan in October 2010.  The ceremony was held at the Germany Embassy in Washington DC.

                        09_Medal_p1Ambassador Ammon and U.S. Staff Sergeant Peter Woken.  December 2011© Deutsche Botschaft Washington /C. Avril


December 2011© Deutsche Botschaft Washington DC






























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