German-UK Naval maneuver

Die Bundeswehr with the Royal Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, a joining Exercise

From mid-September Frigatte Schleswig Holstein leaves Italian coast for joining in a maneuver with the Great Britain’s Royal Navy.

                            Fregatte Schleswig-Holstein (2)Fregatte Schleswig-Holstein ©die Bundeswehr   


The Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group (RFTG) in the Cougar 14 maneuver will be carried out during the next few months and includes a large range of Naval Exercises , particularly amphibious operations in a Multinational environment. The maneuver extends itself across the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East region.
The Royal Navy performs this Exercise every year to keep its Response Force Task Group (RFTG) ready for countering any global emergency crisis.

“This Exercise not only shows our Allies that how flexible and versatile the Maritime Forces can be, but also it demonstrates how well we represent our countries on the International waters.”  remarked Captain Dean Bassett of the Royal Navy.
The leading platform during this maneuver is the HMS “Bulwark” of the Royal Navy.
And die Bundeswehr’s Frigatte Schleswig Holstein will be in charge of the security, protection and the safety of the entire Military Units engaged in the Exercise.




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