About the organization


About the Organization

March 2021

Dear visitors we are currently in the process of changing the  organization  ‘Deutschland in der Welt’ which was  originally founded in Maryland-U.S in January 2013, to ‘Europe in the World’ 

      Please visit it later again, thank you.

Founder and Editor in Chief

Catherine Stella Schmidt

Engagement with the United Nations

The United Nations Institute for Peacekeeping Training and Research New York  2004~2005

Trained in the following International Peacekeeping Courses:

  • International Humanitarian Law and the Law of Armed Conflict
  • The Conduct of Humanitarian Relief Operations
  • Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution
  • An Introduction to the UN System: Orientation for Serving on the UN Field Mission
  • Principles For the Conduct of the United Nations Peace Support Operations
  • The History of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations 1945~1987
    Case Studies:  UN Collective Security System; The First UN Intervention; The UN in Suez Canal Crisis; The UN Emergency Forces (UNEF), UN in Congo (ONUC), UNTEA,UNSF, UNYOM, Inter-American Peace Force in Dominican Republic, UNMOGIP,UNDOF, UNEF II, UNFICYP,UNIFIL
  •  The History of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations 1988~1999

L’Institut des Nations Unies pour la Formation et la Recherche  Genève Switzerland  2004-2006

 Trained in the following course:

  • International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolutions
  •  Legal Aspects of Public Debt Management
  •  Fundamentals of Capital Market Development and Regulation
  • Debt and Financial Management Programme: Debt Rescheduling with the Paris Club

Author of:
A Philosophical Enquiry into the Concept of Liberty
The American Era and the World volume-1, 2, 3
Immortal Beloved
La Memoire de la Passion et de l’amour
Discourse on Empire
Sublime and Beautiful Europe and the United States
The Role of Germany and its Armed Forces in Afghanistan
On Transatlantic Relations: the United States and Europe
The United States and Europe in Afghanistan; why should we stay
NATO and ISAF in Afghanistan
NATO and its Cyber Defense

Awards and Medals

Bronze Award Medallion: California 2002
International Poet Merit Silver Award: California 2002
Editor’s Choice Award: International Society of Poet of the United States 2002
Medal of Merit of Poetry: Washington DC 2001
International Poet of Merit Award Washington DC 2001
Editor’s Choice Award : International Society of Poet of the United States 2001
The Award of Artistic Merit from Ohio Poetry Association 2001
Medal of Merit of Poetry: Washington DC 2000
International Poet of Merit Award: Washington DC 2000

Dr. Timothy Patrick Mulligan

Military History Consultant

Dr.Timothy P. Mulligan from Washington DC, the United States of America, with Ph.D. in Diplomatic History at the University of Maryland. He served with the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration as a Specialist in Captured German and Related Records.

Author of:

• Lone Wolf: The Life and Death of U-Boat Ace Werner Henke Published in 1993 and 1995
• Neither Sharks Nor Wolves: The Men of Nazi Germany’s U-Boat Arm 1939-1945: Published in 1999
• The Politics of Illusion and Empire: German Occupation Policy in the USSR, 1942-1943: Published in 1988
• Die Männer der Deutschen U-Bootwaffe 1939-1945 : German translation of Neither Shark nor Wolves, Published in 2001 Germany
• And a larger number of Military History Articles and Essays.

Awards and Medals

Among many other awards, Dr. Timothy Patrick Mulligan is also the recipient of:
• Bundesverdienstkreuz   ‘The Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany’  in 2006
• The Federal Republic of Germany Friendship Award  in 1999

Legal Conditions
All the materials on  Deutschland in der Welt.org  (articles, news, photos, videos, links) are from various Governmental Agencies and are strictly copy-righted. Redistribution, reproduction, copying, or linking the content of this organization, in any kind, are prohibited by Law.

All rights reserved.

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