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Month: July 2014

Die Bundeswehr-US Armed-Forces Teil-2

July 11, 2014 The German and US Armed-Forces more than ever will stay together to counter the global Security crisis Teil-1   ©die Bundeswehr Quick Reaction Force – ENG-US shooting training, in Afghanistan.    

NATO Secretary General visited Berlin-2

Pressestatements von Nato-Generalsekretär Rasmussen, Berlin July 2. 2014    ©NATO “Germany has played a crucial role in the international response to Russia’s actions. When Europe and the world needed you, you were there.                               It is vital for Europe and the world that Germany remains strong, to provide not only Political and Economical pressure, but Military presence as well. So that no country can be in any doubt: If the rules are broken, if our freedom, our people and our borders are threatened, we… Read more NATO Secretary General visited Berlin-2