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Category: Deutschland in der NATO


Dear readers, visitors, The work of the original website ‘Deutschland in der Welt’  has been stopped since 2017 for certain reasons. We are in the process of reconstructing the platform with a new website that could present Europe ‘Europe in the World’.  Please visit us later again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Human Rights Day message from Germany and the U.S

The Federal Human Rights Commissioner Christoph Strässeron on Human Rights Day “We must not be drawn into a discussion about where Human Rights can differ from region to region. By doing so we would not be demonstrating tolerance but, rather, playing into the hands of those who violate Human Rights. For they are the ones who are trying to relativise them. Victims of Human Rights violations, on the other hand, are especially keen to emphasise their Universality.”   10 Dec 2015©Federal Foreign Office    The message of U.S Secretary John Kerry on… Read more Human Rights Day message from Germany and the U.S

Die Bundeswehr in NATO Exercise

Die Bundeswehr in NATO’s  Trident Juncture 3 October-6 November 2015  Evacuation Exercise 13.November 2015 ©die Bundeswehr Trident Juncture is the most comprehensive NATO Military Exercise of the decades taking place, simultaneously in several locations. The Exercise covers Land, Sea and the Air with combined 36,000 Military personnel from the Armed-Forces of 30 NATO member States and partners, over 140 Aircraft, 60 Ships and 230 Military Units. Primarily locations:  Italy, Portugal, Spain.                                                                                         Other locations: Belgium, Canada, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands,… Read more Die Bundeswehr in NATO Exercise