German-American Military and Law-Enforcement Partnerships-2

 The German-US Army Commanders at the Bundeswehr’s Academy in Hammelburg, Germany



September 2016

U.S-European Armed-Forces fortifying their Capabilities-2

The Chief of Staff  U.S Army Europe, Brigadegeneral Markus Laubenthal  from the Bundeswehr (German Army) speaks on the importance of joint efforts and building trust of German-US-European Armed Forces which could maximize the Interoperability.

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August 2016

U.S-European Armed-Forces fortifying their Capabilities-1

The Chief of Staff  U.S Army Europe, Brigadegeneral Markus Laubenthal  from the Bundeswehr (German Army) speaks on the importance of integrated German-US-European Armed Forces combined capabilities and efforts to better tackle the Global crisis. 

2015 © US DoD




June 2016

Die Bundeswehr in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2016-2



June 2016

Die Bundeswehr Won the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2016- 1

Die Bundeswehr wins the Strong Europe Tank Challenge of 2016. US Army Europe May 13 2016



May 13, 2016 © U.S. Army/Spc. Nathanael Mercado

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January 2016

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges and German Lt. Gen. Joerg Vollmer January 2016




Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges (right), Commander of  U.S. Army Europe and Lt. Gen. Joerg Vollmer, the Chief of Staff of the German Army (left) in the Award ceremony, Germany  January. 14, 2016 © US Army Europe Public Affairs

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Commander of the U.S. Army Europe, has been awarded the German Federal Armed Forces Golden Cross of Honor by Lt. Gen. Joerg Vollmer, the Chief of Staff of the German Army.

On the occasion of the ceremony  Lt. General Joerg Vollmer elaborated:

“Your Country has already decorated you at several occasions for your outstanding services,” “It is now my pleasure to do so for my Country.” © US Army Europe Public Affairs

The Gold Cross of Honor is Awarded to individuals for Exemplary and Meritorious service by the Federal Republic of Germany to Soldiers of the German Armed -Forces and of Allied Nations and Civilians who rendered outstanding services to the German Armed Forces. © US Army Europe Public Affairs



October 2015

German-American Friendship Day Celebration at the US Army Europe Garrison

German-American Friendship day in US Army Europe, 1 October 2015 October 1, 2015 © US Army Europe National Liaison Office

September and October are German-American months across the United States. It begins from General von Steuben Day in September to the October 6th, the official proclaimed German-American Day by the White House to highlight the Historical Heritage, Cultural intertwine and bonds between the two countries.

Since 2004, October 1st is designated by the US Army Europe, as the German-American Day__ and is celebrated widely in US Army Garrisons in Germany.

This year on Friday October 1, the Day was  also recognized by an official ceremony followed by a reception in Frankfurt.

Among over several hundreds guests were the high level Representatives from both countries: Brig. General Phillip Jolly, the Director of US Army Europe Reserve Engagement Cell, Representative of die Bundeswehr, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann of Frankfurt, the Consul General James Hermnan of the US Consulate General Frankfurt, Representative of the City of Frankfurt, Representatives of most German-American Organizations and the members of the Frankfurt Galaxy Football team.


October 2015

Die Bundeswehr Winner of the European Best Squad Competition 2015

Die Bundeswehr in the European Best Squad competition 2015Die Bundeswehr Squad in the Award ceremony. 22.October 2015 © US Army Europe/1st Lt. Megan Burmeister, 110th Public Affairs Detachment, Rhode Island Army National Guard

The European Best Squad Competition is a Joint Multinational Training Command (JMTC) event that test the capability of each US-European Squads in completing over 30 Military tasks including transportation of equipment, Medical evacuation, NATO knowledge, Weapon qualifications.

The Competition was executed in a three day time-frame and was hosted by the US Army Europe. The 17 presented Squads were from Armed-Forces of Albania, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, UK and the United States.




August 2015

German-U.S Military Partnership-7

Training, Exercise, Maneuvers, together…. Stronger than ever



July 2015

US Army Europe Awards the Bundeswehr Military Police with the Combat Action Badge

Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, chief of staff, U.S. Army Europe, in a Military ceremony,Leipzig Germany 8 July 2015 July 2015 Leipzig ©US European Command

In an official Military ceremony on July 8th, Brigadier General Markus Laubenthal, Chief of Staff U.S Army Europe, delivered the Award of  Combat Action Badge to Bundeswehr Military Police Soldiers.

The Bundeswehr MP Soldiers were recognized for this Award for their brave actions in 2014 as a Close Protection Team (CPT) in Kabul, Afghanistan.




May  2015

German-U.S Military Partnership-6

Die Bundeswehr in Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico,USA




February 2015

Die Bundeswehr and the US Army

US Army soldiers from 421st Multifunctional Medical Battalion get trained by die Bundeswehr

February 2013 © US European Command



January 2015

The US Army and Military Police personnel were Awarded by die Bundeswehr

Colonel Kunze with the S Army and Military PoliceOberst Joerg Kunze from Deutsche Luftwaffe with the US Army personnel during the Award ceremony. at the Marshall Center in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany, 3 December 2014 ©US.DOD/Aryn Lockhart

The Executive Director for the Training Courses and Seminar on Regional Security Studies at the George C. Marshall European Center, Colonel Joerg Kunze from Deutsche Luftwaffe, awarded the US Army and the Military Police Personnel with the Bundeswehr’s Badges for Schuetzenschnur (the German Armed-Forces Badges for Weapons-Proficiency).

The Bundeswehr’s Oberbayern Reserve Unit organizes and sponsors a high level Military Training and Qualifying programmes for the US and European Military stationed in Germany, as a part of building an enduring partnerships between die Bundeswehr-US and the European Armed-Forces.




January 2015

German-U.S Military Partnership-5

Die Bundeswehr with US Army in the Training exercise, Fort Rucker Alabama  December 2014



October 2014

German-American Day, Presidential Proclamation

For Immediate Release from the White House
October 03, 2014

By the President of the United States of America a Proclamation

              President Barack Obama Ambassador Dr.Hans Peter WittigPresident Barack Obama with Ambassador Hans Peter Wittig, May 2014 ©The White House/Lawrence Jackson

America is and always has been a Nation of immigrants, and from our earliest days, German Americans have contributed to our national identity.
Germans were among the first settlers in the original 13 Colonies, bringing their talents and ideas across the ocean to a new and unfamiliar world. And today, with their descendants and all who followed in their path, we continue to perfect our Union together. On German-American Day, we recognize their distinctive identity and the ways they enrich our country.
German Americans helped build our Nation, and every day they contribute to its growth. As they teach in our schools, farm in our heartland, and serve in our Armed Forces, their German roots offer a sense of their place in the American story. From a land of poets and thinkers, they brought passion for music, science, and art, fortifying our culture and broadening our understanding of the world. Our greatest cities and our biggest advances reflect their daring spirit and diverse contributions.

As we consider our German-American history, we are also reminded that the United States and Germany are vital partners. With the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall approaching, our security and prosperity remain interwoven, and our friendship continues as we work together in pursuit of a more peaceful, stable world.

On this occasion, may citizens from both sides of the Atlantic draw strength from the legacy of our Nation’s earliest immigrants who boldly pushed forward in unforgiving times. May our shared past continue to inspire us as we face new challenges in our own time.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim October 6, 2014, as German-American Day. I encourage all Americans to learn more about the history of German Americans and reflect on the many contributions they have made to our Nation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this third day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand fourteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-ninth.

©The White House


The first Presidential Proclamation was made by President Roland Regan in 1983.

However it was in 1987 that Congress passed a law to make the October 6th an official German- American Day.






Presidential Proclamation–German-American Day
German-American Day, 2010

By the President of the United States of America a Proclamation

The American story has been written by those who have come to our shores in search of freedom, opportunity, and the chance at a better life. The German men and women who braved numerous perils to cross the Atlantic long ago left a legacy of millions of Americans of German ancestry who have been an integral part of our national life. On German-American Day, we pay tribute to the role this community has played in shaping America and contributing to our progress and prosperity.
On October 6, 1683, 13 courageous German families arrived in Pennsylvania to start a new life. They began a chapter in the American narrative that has influenced our country in all walks of life, and their resolve lives on in the men, women, and families of German descent who enhance civic engagement, steer our industries, and fortify our Nation’s character.
With their dedication and determination, the United States has been a leader in ingenuity and entrepreneurship, and has delivered a message of hope and opportunity that resonates around the world. Today, German Americans innovate and excel as leaders in all sectors of our society.

On this occasion, we honor not only the countless achievements and rich heritage of German Americans, but also the strong ties between Germany and the United States. Our two nations share unbreakable bonds as allies with solemn obligations to one another’s security; values that inspired those brave settlers four centuries ago; and a vision for a safer, freer, more peaceful, more prosperous world.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim October 6, 2010, as German-American Day.
I encourage all Americans to learn more about the history of German Americans and reflect on the many contributions they have made to our Nation.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this sixth day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand ten, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fifth.


©The White House



For Immediate Release from the White House
October 6, 2004
German-American Day, 2004

By the President of the United States of America a Proclamation
Generations of German immigrants and their descendents have helped build America and chart its course through history. On German-American Day, we recognize these proud citizens for their important contributions to America and honor the bond between two great nations.
German Americans have been part of America’s history since its earliest days, beginning with the establishment of the Jamestown Colony in 1607 and the arrival of German Quakers and Mennonite families in 1683. Many of these early settlers came to America seeking religious freedom and the chance to develop a community based on tolerance and respect for all people. During the westward expansion of the United States, many German families helped settle communities, found cities, and develop the agriculture industry.

Over time, the core beliefs of these freedom-loving individuals helped define the liberty and opportunity that our country represents. Their traditions of public debate and active citizenship influenced important social issues such as land reform, abolition, workers’ rights, and women’s suffrage.

This week, our Government is breaking ground for a new Embassy in historic Berlin, exemplifying America’s support of a unified Germany. Sharing a common commitment to freedom, peace, and prosperity, the citizens of Germany and America can build a better future for the benefit of all nations.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim October 6, 2004, as German-American Day, and I encourage all Americans to recognize the contributions of our citizens of German descent.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this sixth day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand four, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-ninth.

President GEORGE W. BUSH

© The White House


German-American Day 1989 President George H.W. Busch




September 2014

General von Steuben Day in the United States is the celebrations of Military Partnerships between Germany and the US for centuries……….

                                General von SteubenGeneral von Steuben training US Army at Valley Forge 1778 ©The NCO Journal of the US Army/Army news service


General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben (17 September 1730 – 28 November 1794), the Prußian Military Commander who played a highly crucial role in the US Continental Army for achieving victory in Revolutionary war.
“Steuben’s portrait doesn’t grace any currency. His name may not evoke the same familiarity as Washington, Lincoln or Kennedy. He doesn’t have a granite tribute brimming with tourists on the National Mall. But his contribution to the annals of the US Army — and the United States— is astonishing.

Many historians have deemed General von Steuben the “Father of the American Military” for his role in building Gen. George Washington’s Continental Army from a bedraggled bunch to a regimented, disciplined force that went toe-to-toe with the British on battlefields in Monmouth, Stony Point and Yorktown en route to American independence.
While his Military experience before the Revolutionary War as a Prussian Officer was largely embellished, Steuben’s guidance upon his arrival at Valley Forge Pennsylvania, on Feb. 23, 1778, led to major changes, some of which pervade throughout the Army until the present day.

He trained Soldiers in the use of the bayonet. He established standards for camp layouts and sanitation. But Steuben’s biggest gift to the Army was the creation of the American Noncommissioned Officer (NCO)”                              from the US Army the NCO Journal by Pablo Villa



Every year on the third Saturday of September is held the celebration of General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben across the United States. The parade is the one of the most important cultural and historical events that the German Embassy, the US Armed-Forces, Law-Enforcements and many other prominent German-American organizations are all taking part in it.





August 2014

The new Chief of Staff for U.S. Army Europe, for the first time, is  from die Bundeswehr

From August 2014,  Brigadegeneral Markus Laubenthal, from the German Army, has become the new Chief of Staff for the US Army Europe.  A historic step which projects closer relations between die Bundeswehr and the United States Armed-Forces.

                               Brigadegeneral Laubenthal, Major General Jörg Vollmer in RC North ISAFBrigadegeneral Markus Laubenthal (right) with the  former Commander of ISAF  RC North Generalmajor Jörg Vollmer (center), 2013  ©die Bundeswehr/German Army

“I view my new duties as chief of staff with interest and respect.  As the commander of Panzerbrigade 12 (12th Armored Brigade)  I have always valued the joint exercises with our partnership unit, the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Vilseck. I am therefore even more pleased to continue this close cooperation in a new and unique way in Wiesbaden. I am sure that I can use the experience I gained in the German Army supporting the training of ready Army Forces, in my new position with USAREUR.”  expressed  Brigadegeneral Markus Laubenthal 


With this integration of the US Army Europe with die Bundeswehr Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell the Commanding General of the  US Army Europe  highlighted:

“This is a major step forward in USAREUR’s commitment to operating in a multinational environment with our German allies.   U.S. and German senior Military Leaders have been serving together in NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan for years.  Sustaining the shared capability from this experience will benefit both U.S. and German armies.  As you know, actions speak louder than words, and this innovation carries a very strong message regarding our seriousness about a multinational team.”         

“I look forward to working with Brigadier General Laubenthal and seeing the tremendous impact his presence will have on the team,”  concluded the US Commander in Europe.


But American fascinations and their patriotic emotional affairs with Deutschland and its Armed Forces go far deeper to the 18th Century and even earlier,…..continuing to the current era.

General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben the German Commander in the US Continental Army in 18 century;  Dr.Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun   http://history.nasa.gov/sputnik/braun.html

General Norman Schwarzkopf known as ‘Norman-the American Hero’
and President George H.W Bush (Busch) one of the best NAVY Commander, the 41st US President;  President George W. Bush one of the best Pilot in the US Air National Guard, and the 43rd President of the United States;  and Charles Hagel the present US Secretary of Defence, are not all but only the most recent well-known German background heritage in United States Armed Forces and the White House.

These are not just the historical facts but they have touched exclusively the Americans patriotic emotional dimensions, attach and affiliating the American spirits in a profound way to Deutschland.




July  2014

The German and US Armed-Forces more than ever will stay together to counter the global Security crisis.

©die Bundeswehr



June 2014

Deutschland’s Defense Minister Dr. Ursula von der Leyen in her first official visit in the USA

“Wherever I have had discussions here, I was impressed with the  respect, a very high respect and warmth that in US people spoke about our Armed-Forces, die Bundeswehr.  Expressed Defense Minister Dr.Ursula von der Leyen about her trip in United States.

                 Defense Secretary Hagel and German Defense Minister 2014   June 2014 © DOD /Glenn Fawcett  

German Defense Minister Dr. Ursula von der Leyen met with the US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon, to strengthen the two countries partnerships at the Military level.

Their discussion covers mainly on:

  • Strengthening the Military partnership between Germany-US
  • Transatlantic Security and the next NATO summit scheduled for September 2014 in Wales
  • ISAF and post-2014 in Afghanistan
  • Relation with Russia and the crises of Ukraine
  • De-escalating the intra-conflict in Iraq and Syria

“NATO is the strongest Military alliance in the world and the most influential political one.”  Highlighted the Defense Minister Dr. von der Leyen during her visit in Washington DC.

“We welcome Germany’s willingness to continue Leading Regional Command North as part of NATO’s post-2014 Resolute Support mission.” Stated Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Admiral John Kirby

“As the crises in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine remind us that our Leadership roles require investment in Ready, Modern, Agile Militaries.  Both Leaders recognized the importance of investing in capabilities that will strengthen our collective security.”   added the Real Admiral.



April 2014

Germany and the US in the joint Military- and Law-Enforcement Exercise


Baumholder Germany April 2014 © US Army Garrison Baumholder/ Iggy Rubalcava

The German SWAT team with the US 421st Multifunctional Medical Battalion, 30th Medical Brigade and die Bundeswehr 950th  Tactical Psychological Operations unit joint  in the four days  Military exercise to upgrade their training in the environment with the explosive devices e.g. IED.


The German SWAT © Bundespolizei


“Working alongside German Soldiers, the American Soldiers learned that there is more than one way to achieve an objective.”  the US Army

“That we are stationed in Germany is an excellent opportunity for many Soldiers to encounter different types of military training. Training together with other armies gives us a different perspective on how they view the same missions. Being that we have joint missions down range now this training gives us the experience we need to work with foreign nation armies during deployments. I think it’s an excellent opportunity. We develop a lot of bonds on the personal level and on the professional level as well.”   Sgt. Maran Shaker the  Team Leader from the US Army

©US Army Garrison Baumholder/ Iggy Rubalcava


“The training today had very complex situations and it was very impressive to see how well we can work together just after a few days. It was great. There was great comradeship within our team. The whole training was successful because we worked together as a team from the first day to the last day. We saw that all the training we did together works. So, we can make sure that when we go on foreign missions with our American friends we can do a good job together.”   Andreas Kremer, the vehicle Commander and second Patrol Leader from die Bundeswehr
©US Army Garrison Baumholder/ Iggy Rubalcava



September 2013

The US V Corps  Training with die Bundeswehr

                                             German Navy Kapitanleutnant Dirk Matheis presents

Kapitanleutnant Dirk Matheis from die Bundeswehr presents the US.V Corps Soldiers with the German Armed Forces Badge ©Karl Weisel USAG in Wiesbaden/ US Army

In the ceremony held in Wiesbaden’s Clay ‘Kaserne Kapitanleutnant Dirk Matheis’  from Deutsche Marine presented the US.V Corps Soldiers with the German Armed Forces Badge in Gold for Military Proficiency.

There were also eight German Military members who were as well honored for their guidance and support in the training.

In his speech in the ceremony,  Kapitanleutnant Dirk Matheis expressed:
“I’m really proud of what you’ve done. It’s a really great job by all of you. We hope that despite V Corps’ impending inactivation, the U.S.-German partnerships would continue with other local units.

Col. John Spiszer, the Chief of US.V Corps, in the ceremony spoke of great Friendship between die Bundeswehr and US Armed-Forces.
“We’ve got a long history in Germany, and a long history with the Bundeswehr. During all these time we’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our German partners.”

He continued also by admiring the US.V Corps’ Soldiers who completed this specialized training with die Bundeswehr, in order to be ready for various Military Operations.
Col. Spiszer concluded his speech by praising the German-American Military relations as  “the Great Friendships” .



December 2013
Lieutenant General Bruno Kasdorf of die Bundeswehr ‘the Chief of Staff  in HQ ISAF’  delivered  his speech at the Military ceremony in the U.S. Army War College.

December 2012 © US Army War College



October 2013

The US Medal of Honour for the German Armed-Forces

©die Bundeswehr




February 2013

The German-US Air-Forces in the  joint exercise

 The Deutsche Luftwaffe  flies, with its Tornados……above the highest Mountains in Idaho…… in the joint Exercise with the United States Air-Force.





The Celebration of German-American Military Partnership-3

Looking back on the 1990s and 2000s. German American Military Relations




The Celebration of German-American Military Partnership-2

Looking back on the 1970-1980 of German American Military Relations








February 2013

The celebration of German-American Military Partnership since 18th century-1

The Prußian Military Commander in the U.S Continental Army

                              General von SteubenGeneral von Steuben training US Army at Valley Forge 1778 ©The NCO Journal of the US Army/Army news service


As of yet, in Americans’ perceptions, Germans are either great Military Commanders or Rocket Scientists.  A concept which has its origin coherently aligned to reality.
From the time that the German Cartographer Martin Waldseemüller (1470-1520) brought the New World: the United States of America on the word map, until the 21 century, each pages of our history projects the very essential role that the German immigrants have played in United States formation, development, and victories.
It also shows the Americans fascination by, and their praise for, Deutschland.
One of the greatest Military commanders who was an outstanding figure in helping the United States Army during the revolutionary war was: “Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben (1730-1794).
A Prußian Military Commander who came to US and served as a Major General of the Continental Army.
Although it was in 1777 that in a meeting with Benjamin Franklin, the American Foreign Commissioners in France, General von Steuben received the official letter of acknowledgement to join the US Continental Army, the road became open to him in much earlier in 1763 when he became acquainted with Louis de Saint Germain of France.1
Upon General von Steuben’s arrival to U.S the Continental Congress found him highly impressive Military Officer that they recommended him immediately to General George Washington.
He entered the Continental Army in 1778 and remained in it until 1784.

                         VonSteuben3Courtesy of U.S Department of Army, Office of the Inspector General
Among his various duties as a high level Officer, he also was in command of training the US Army.
His book ‘Regulations for the Order and Discipline of Troops of the United States’  has become one of the well known books in US Army. 

Article on Blue Book from US Army
In the U.S history, General von Steuben is a celebrated German Commander whose remarkable Military strategy in battles and his extraordinary skills in training the U.S Continental Army paved the path for a great victory of the United States in the Independence war.  General Von Steuben Day is celebrated with Parades, special events and celebrations every year in September across the United States.


In his remembrance, in la Fayette square Washington DC,  stands majestically the Monument of the German Commander who is known, eternally, the American Hero:

                     General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

















* The Image on the top of the page:  U.S. Command team’s visit to the Infantry Academy in Hammelburg Germany to observe the U.S and the Bundeswehr’s  Soldiers in the graduation of the snipers course.  December 2011 © US Army Europe





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