German-UK partnerships

German-UK partnerships

The Foreign Minister of Great Britain Philipp Hammond visited Berlin, on 11 September 2014, to further the Great Britain-German partnerships on many fronts including the International issues and the global Security.

                       Aussenminister Grossbritanniens Philipp Hammond mit Aussenminister Dr. Steinmeier 2014
Außenminister Großbritanniens Philipp Hammond mit Außenminister Dr. Steinmeier, Berlin 2014 ©Federal Foreign Office/ Photothek /Imo

During the meeting, the Foreign Ministers of UK and Deutschland, did emphasize the importance and meaningful relations of both counties.
“I think that a German Foreign Minister would be well-advised to refrain from interfering in internal British politics. But I’ll openly admit that I would be more comfortable with the idea of Great Britain staying together.” answered the Federal Foreign Minister Dr. Walter Steinmeier during the press conference in regard to Scottish Independence referendum of September 2014.

In regard to Security of Iraq, the Foreign Minister of UK elaborated that Germany has made a significant contribution and it is a key importance that Deutschland plays a Leading role in defending the security of democratic nations.


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