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December 2016

Austria assumes the Chairmanship of OSCE 2017

Austria assumed the OSCE Chairmanship of 2017  from Germany at the OSCE Ministerial Council Meeting in Hamburg on December 9th. 






OSCE Chairperson-in-Office German  Foreign Minister Dr. Steinmeier with Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz of Austria. Hamburg OSCE Ministerial meeting December 9, 2016 © Austrian MFA

“If we want security, we need to contribute by building bridges between East and West. We look forward to the honour of assuming the Chairmanship and to good cooperation”  Elaborated Foreign Minister Kurz in his speech. 

Minister Kurz also met and had bilateral discussions with OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Minister Dr. Steinmeier, with High Representatives from United States, France, Russia and most Foreign Ministers of OSEC members. 

Message of U.S Mission to OSCE to Minister Kurz of Austria:

“Minister Kurz, the United States welcomes you to the Permanent Council, and offers its sincere thanks to Austria for taking on the Chairmanship of the OSCE in 2017.”  July 2016 © US Mission to OSCE  

Reference: The  first address to OSCE Permanent Council, incoming Chairperson-in-Office Austria’s Foreign Minister Kurz.  Vienna July 2016 

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July 2016

The Leadership of Austria in Europe-1

Doorstep statement  on Turkey/the e failed Coup and Brexit, by Minister for Foreign Affairs Sebastian KURZ of Austria, at his arrival at the Foreign Affairs Council  in Brussels.  July 18, 2016 European Union/European Council

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July 2016

The Austrian Vital Role in the Western Balkans

EUCOM AustriaThe third Western Balkans Summit was held in Paris on July 4th,  as the following steps of Western Balkans Summit in Berlin-2014 and Vienna-2015.

The Western Balkans is a Region in our immediate vicinity  with which we have very close inter-personal, cultural, economic and political ties. Improvement in local quality of life as well as enhancing Stability, Safety, Security and Prosperity in the Western Balkans are thus in our most fundamental interest.” elaborated Minister for Foreign Affairs Sebastian Kurz  July 4, 2016 © Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs

Additional references: Western Balkans Summit Paris 2016 




January 2016

The Leadership of Austria and its Armed-Forces in the World-1

Highly rich with European heritage, Austria is the centre of  Europe with its Capital city ‘Vienna’ the heart of Culture, History and Music, Literature, Science and Technology–since centuries ago.

In Political domain– Vienna holds also the key role not only in European Territory but also in the International Affairs. As of current time,  Vienna has the Seats of over 16 United Nations main Organizations, with more of other International Orgs and Institutions. International Organizations in Vienna

In the Military sphere, the Austrian Armed-Forces has a major Leading Role in NATO, EU, UN Operations– deployed in various parts of the World for maintaining Peace and Security. 

A glimpse into the Austrian Armed-Forces engagements in the Global Missions

In KFOR Kosovo as part of International Security Force since 1999
In Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of European Force in Operation Althea since 2004
In UNIFIL Lebanon as part of UN Peacekeeping Force since 2011
In Central African Republic as the Military Adviser in EU Deployment Mission
In Ukraine part of OSCE as Military Observer in Monitoring Mission

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