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July 2016

UK has been appointed for Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights at the UN

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the appointment of Andrew Gilmour of the United Kingdom  as Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights and Head of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in New York.  June 24, 2016   © UN/NY   View the  announcement 



June 2016

The United Kingdom updated National plan on Business and Human Rights

The RT Hon Baroness Anelay has announced in Parliament the update of the UK’s National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights.

“I am pleased that we have today published our updated National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. The Plan rightly acknowledges the duty of Government but also sets out our expectation that UK businesses will act responsibly and in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles, wherever they operate.

Human Rights are at the heart of both our Diplomats’ and Ministers’ work and this updated National Action Plan clearly restates our conviction that the promotion of business and respect for human rights go hand in hand.”  stated the Rt Hon Baroness Anelay.  May 13, 2106 © UK Foreign Office

Good Business: Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, by UK Government



May 2016

The UK’s Leadership in tackling corruption in the globe

Hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron in London, the Anti-Corruption Summit took place on May 12. The Summit was to expose, to shed a light on how to find away for many countries out of it.   Announced by the UK government:  

“This is the first summit of its kind, bringing together world leaders, business and civil society to agree a package of practical steps to:

  • Expose corruption so there is nowhere to hide
  • Punish the perpetrators and support those affected by corruption
  • Drive out the culture of corruption wherever it exists”  May 2016 © UK Gov

Additional Reference:  Anti-Corruption Summit 2016 in London May 12, 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron announces the creation of the first ever global forum to step up international efforts on asset recovery.



May 2016 

The United Kingdom’s  support for Gibraltar

FCO logo Copyright Protected by LawForeign Secretary Philip Hammond visited Gibraltar for high level talks on the United Kingdom’s support for the Territory and the upcoming EU referendum.Foreign Secretary visits Gibraltar May 11 206Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond visiting Royal Navy RFA Mounts Bay. May 11, 2016 © UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

“The UK’s support for Gibraltar and the Gibraltarian people is firm and unconditional. I look forward to holding strategic talks with the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister on the territory’s thriving economy, defence and security issues, and the upcoming EU referendum.”  highlighted  Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. May 11, 2106 © UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office     Continue to read



23 April 2016

The United Kingdom’s Foreign Policy on promoting Human Rights in the World

The United Kingdom, through its Political and Diplomatic stance, has been the strongest Advocator, the consistent Promoter and the uncompromising Defender of Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom in the World.  A luminary record that affirms, the Ideas and Values of a Land, that can induce……and reignite movements…..and soar….. like an imaginary melody……….au-delà de l’idéalisme.

(Excerpt  form a Political text ‘The British Empire and its Flourishing Influences on the World’ by Catherine Stella Schmidt 2015)

FCO logo Copyright Protected by LawOn the importance of promoting Human Rights with the UK Foreign Policy, Foreign Secretary The Rt Hon Philip Hammond elaborated:

The promotion of Human Rights is a core part of the everyday work of the Foreign Office and is the responsibility of British diplomats around the world. This year we are doubling the funding available for Human Rights projects to £10 million, through the Magna Carta Fund – a true measure of the importance we attach to this agenda.” April 21, 2016 ©UK Foreign Office

The announcement by the Foreign Office states:

The Fund is launched on 18 January 2016 by FCO Minister Baroness Anelay which aims to further British interests overseas by tackling the root causes of Human Rights violations, strengthening institutions and governance, promoting and protecting Human Rights, and supporting Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The Fund has three priority themes:
•Democratic values and the rule of law – Uphold universal rights, democracy and the rule of law as key building blocks for more secure and prosperous societies;
•The rules-based international order – Support an effective rules-based international order that stands up for universal rights;
•Human rights for a stable world – Promote a more stable world by upholding universal rights in tackling conflict and extremism. April 21, 2016 ©UK Foreign Office

Additional References on the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to defend Human Rights and promote Democracy around the World:

Human Rights Internationally Report by the UK Foreign Office
The United Kingdom’s Human Rights and Democracy Reports
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5 April  2016

The UK’s Leadership in the fight against ISIL

FCO logo Copyright Protected by Law On March 31, during an official visit to Lebanon Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond allocated from the United Kingdom £20 million aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond 2016 UKGovMarch 31, 2016 ©UK Foreign Office

Announced by the Foreign office the fund is to help Lebanon to protect itself against terrorism, including the threat from Daesh.

Additional references: the United Kingdom and Lebanon

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March 2106

The United Kingdom’s Leadership in Syrian crisis -3

Since years ago, the United Kingdom has been the largest Humanitarian aid donors to Refugee crisis in Syria, only second  to the United States.

Just recently in February 2016 Prime Minister David Cameron, announced that UK to invest and aid an extra £1.2 billion supporting Syria and the region 

The amount will help the people in Syria and the region for Education, creating Jobs and Humanitarian Protection.

Also the UK has been the largest Humanitarian aid donors to the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), Ranking the First.

Related official References: Supporting Syria 2016, by UK Foreign Office

Supporting Syrian and the Region, London 2016

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February 2016

The United States and the United Kingdom the closest Partners in very Frontiers

Foreign Minister Philip Hammond-US John Kerry UK Gov. Feb.04.2016Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and  the Secretary of State John Kerry during their meeting in London February 4, 2016 © UK Foreign Office

Remarks by U.K Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and U.S Secretary of State John Kerry






December 2015

The United Kingdom on Human Rights Day

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Excerpt of Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s message on Human Rights

“Our British democratic values have developed over time with human rights at their core. We are reminded of this fact this year as we mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, sealed at Runnymede in my constituency.

Human Rights Day – chosen by the UN General Assembly to mark the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is a day when Britain, a key promoter of such rights and values, can hold its head high. This Government was elected on a manifesto commitment to protect Human Rights. We are doing that in three ways.

…..we make most progress on Human Rights around the world when our approach appeals to others’ enlightened self-interest and is sensitive to their culture and history. In short, we have to persuade countries and governments that respecting human rights will be beneficial to them.

Human Rights expertise is an important part of the training our staff receive. Teams working in countries where we have particular concerns, and their colleagues in London, see Human Rights as an integral part of what we are trying to achieve with that country. This year the Foreign Office is supporting more than 75 Human Rights projects in more than 40 countries and we are continuing to pursue a pioneering approach to preventing sexual violence in conflict.

We were leaders on Human Rights in 1215, as the Magna Carta was sealed, and we remain leaders now in 2015.

As we promote and protect those standards across the world, we are approaching Human Rights diplomacy in our own, British way, to ensure we get the right results.”    10 December 2015©UK Foreign Office

Continue to read: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond on Human Rights Day 2015





November 2105

The United States and United Kingdom the closest Partners in every Frontiers
Secretary John Kerry Meets with UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

November 9, 2015 © U.S Department of State

















































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