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The Netherlands Presidency of Council of European Union 2016

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawNL EU Presidency 2016 2016 © Minister President Mark Rutte


On Dutch Presidency of EU Council 2016

Speech by Prime Minister Mark Rutte to the European Parliament January 20, 2016

Ansprache des niederländischen Ministerpräsidenten Mark Rutte vor dem Europäischen Parlament, 20. Januar 2016

Discours du Premier ministre néerlandais, Mark Rutte, au Parlement européen le 20 janvier 2016




June 29  2016

The Netherlands Leadership in pressing a new Security Strategy in Europe

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawAt the last European Council of the Dutch Presidency a new Strategy was presented for the EU’s external policy.  As holder of the Presidency, the Netherlands has pressed for just such a joint European Security Strategy.

The geopolitical Security situation in Europe  has changed dramatically over the past few years,’   ‘This strategy gives a fresh impetus to the EU’s Foreign policy, with an emphasis on security and resilience. If member states act in concert, like members of an orchestra, we can accelerate Europe’s responses to world events and boost the impact of our diplomatic engagement.’  highlighted Foreign Minister Bert Koenders. June 29, 2016  © The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands


News from Foreign Minister Bert Koenders




June 2016

The Netherlands EU Presidency and the Cooperation between Europe’s Security Services

The Netherlands thrusts forward to increase the Cooperation between Europe’s Security Services

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawCooperation between Europe’s security services is being stepped up in order to combat terrorism and jihadist violence. A recently launched platform is allowing intelligence to be shared more effectively. This means that information on European foreign fighters is now available to all participating security services. This is important, as jihadist networks are increasingly operating across national borders. The increased cooperation has led to considerable advances in the way European security services work together.

Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk. emphasised this in his speech at the meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council on 10 June.   10 June 2016  © MFA of the Netherlands



June 2016

The Netherlands EU Presidency and the EU-U.S Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial meeting

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawOn 2 June 2016,  the EU-U.S. Ministerial Meeting  on Justice and Home Affairs, hosted by the Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the EU, took place in Amsterdam. This meeting was held usually twice a year, to evaluate and advance Trans-Atlantic cooperation in the areas of Freedom, Security and Justice.

In this Ministerial meeting, the EU and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to closer cooperation, especially in the context of evolving and shared challenges that affect the security and rights of citizens on both sides of the Atlantic.  June 2, 2016 © MFA of the Netherlands  Continue to read

View the Press release on U.S Homeland Security:  Joint EU-U.S. Press Statement Following the EU-U.S. Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial




May 2016

The Netherlands on Protecting the Law-Enforcement

The Netherlands is taking a new measure that should protect the Law-Enforcement during all categories of Close-Combat, inter alia …..civil unrest and social violence.  An important step that needs to be followed by other European States equally.

“Police officers will no longer automatically be labeled as suspects during inquiries into the use of force.   A factual investigation, based on the assumption of lawful conduct, will be conducted instead. This is the core of a legislative proposal from State Secretary Van der Steur (Security and Justice) sent to various bodies such as the Council for the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) for advice.”   May  3 2016 © Dutch Government




May 2016

The Netherlands EU Presidency and the Celebration of Freedom

Celebration of Freedom opens the State of Europe Forum 2016

For centuries, Amsterdam has been seen as a city of Freedom.  On Sunday 8 May, Freedom has been celebrated at the official opening of the two-day State of Europe Forum. This annual forum brings together politicians, religious leaders, educators, academics, media specialists, activists and many other parties with a stake in the future of Europe.  May 4, 2016 © Dutch MFA

State of Europe Forum 2016. The paradox of Freedom – how can we sustain Europe’s Freedoms in the face of multiple threats?





The Netherlands EU Presidency on the railway infrastructure governance

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawPosted on May 3, 2016 by Deutschland in der Welt
On 19 April 2016 the Netherlands Presidency reached an informal agreement with the European Parliament regarding the opening of the domestic rail passenger markets in the Member States and the strengthening of the independence of rail infrastructure managers to ensure effective and non-discriminatory access to infrastructure.        Continue to read

News from Prime Minster Mark  Rutte
News from the Dutch MFA



April 2016

The Netherlands EU Presidency and its Leadership in OECD

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawThe Netherlands-OECD Global Symposium on Financial Resilience Throughout Life’  in the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam will be opened by Her Majesty Queen Máxima.

This Symposium is a coordinated plan by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development  OECD and  the Dutch Money Wise Platform, from 20-21 April 2016

More news from Dutch EU Presidency:  International green deal with France, Flanders and the United Kingdom

Follow news from Prime Minister Mark Rutter



March 20 2016

The Leadership of Netherlands in EU Presidency 2016

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawIn 2016 the Netherlands holds the EU Presidency for the twelfth time. The last time was in 2004.  Holding the Presidency involves mediating and brokering compromises between the 28 EU member states and between EU institutions like the Council, European Commission and European Parliament. The Netherlands’ central aim is that European Union place its focus more on what matters to Europe’s citizens, Economy and businesses. Thus its Priorities highlights Prosperity, Freedom and Security in Europe. 2016©The Dutch MFA

Among many areas that the Dutch Government is intent on ameliorating in Europe– during its EU Presidency (the unveiled projects until week  March 20, 2016) are:

  1. To promote European Culture
  2. To promote Education for the Future
  3. Tackling Migration Crisis in Europe
  4. To Promote the European Aviation
  5. To Enhance European Cyber Defence
  6. To Expand a better European Defence Cooperation

*The list of touched Projects until week March 20th are far larger, but here are only a few.



March 10 2016

The Netherlands EU Presidency 2016







February 24, 2016

The Netherlands’ initiative to enhance Europe’s Cyber-Security

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright Law “The Netherlands wants to unite Countries, Businesses, Think Tanks and internet Experts, so that the world will be better equipped to prevent Cyber attacks on Political or Military targets.” February 12, 2016 © Dutch MFA

NL Foreign Minister Bert Koenders 2016Foreign Minister Bert Koenders 2016©EU Council Press Office/Dutch MFA

“Cyber attacks are the key threat of the future,’  ‘They target Countries, Individuals, Companies and Infrastructure Networks. The World is still too passive about this issue.”  highlighted Foreign Minister Bert Koenders.  February 12, 2016 © Dutch MFA    Continue to read

European CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)

See also:   Report a Cyber Crime, EUROPOL





January 20, 2016

The Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawAmong other crucial measures that the Dutch Government is going to apply during its Presidency of Council of Europe, is also helping the European Aviation Industry to become more active and competitive in the changing World. 

Responding to Global Developments

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has organised this international meeting during the Netherlands Presidency of the EU. European civil aviation is facing major challenges. And the global aviation industry is changing rapidly due to the expansion of non-European airports and airlines. This means new opportunities, but at the same time tests the ability of European Airports and Airlines to compete. ©The Dutch Government 2016

See the  Summit  European Aviation Summit at Schiphol, 20-21 January 2016

See more The Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union




January 2016

The Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2016

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright Law The Netherlands and the EU Presidency

We must keep Europe on course by Foreign Affairs Minister Bert Koenders

La présidence néerlandaise de l’UE 2016

























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