Franco-German Prize for Human Rights 2016

On December 1,  Minister Dr. Steinmeier and  Minister Jean‑Marc Ayrault  presented this year’s  Franco-German Prize for Human Rights to 16 Human Right Defenders from several countries.

Excerpts of the speech by Foreign Minister Dr. Steinmeier during the Award ceremony.   

“For both France and Germany, one thing is clear: Protecting and Promoting Human Rights is at the heart of our foreign policy endeavours. We act worldwide to further this cause.”

“You all have one thing in common: the Courage, Compassion and Determination with which you help others,”  December 5, 2016  © Federal Foreign Office

Both Ministers voiced their support for Human Rights Defenders around the World by publishing a joint article:                      Supporting those who are persecuted

  1. Additional: Speech by Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the presentation of the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights   
  2. Statement by Foreign Ministers Steinmeier and Ayrault on the awarding of the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights
  3.   Human Rights Defenders under Pressure by German Foreign Office September 2016

News from Federal Foreign Office                                    News from French MFA 
News from Germany’s OSCE Chairmanship
News from German Mission to NATO

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The U.S-European Law-Enforcement in Operation Avalanche

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) Immediate Press release December 2, 2016

Am 30.11.2016 hat die Staatsanwaltschaft Verden in Zusammenarbeit mit der ZKI Lüneburg und internationalen Partnern Avalanche ausgehoben. Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik  (BSI) ist dabei unterstützend tätig (Pressemitteilung vom 01.12.2016).    Im Rahmen dieser Zerschlagung werden nun sogenannte Sinkhole-Server eingesetzt, mit deren Hilfe IP-Adressen identifiziert werden, unter denen sich mit Schadsoftware befallene Geräte befinden. Informationen zu identifizierten Infektionen unter deutschen IP-Adressen werden den jeweils zuständigen Internet-Providern zur Verfügung gestellt, die dadurch in der Lage sind, ihre Kunden schriftlich über die Infektion zu informieren. Auf diese Weise werden nur Kunden informiert, deren Systeme aktuell infiziert sind und deren IP-Adressen im Verlauf dieser Aktion identifiziert werden können. Informationen zu betroffenen ausländischen IP-Adressen werden über CERT-Bund an die jeweils zuständigen nationalen CERTs in über 80 Ländern weltweit weitergeleitet, damit auch dort betroffene Nutzer informiert werden können.   December 2, 2016 © BSI.  Lesen Sie Weiter

EUROPOL Press release December 1, 2016 

On 30 November 2016, after more than four years of investigation, the Public Prosecutor’s Office Verden and the Lüneburg Police (Germany) in close cooperation with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania, the Department of Justice and the FBI,  Europol,  Eurojust and global partners, dismantled an international criminal infrastructure platform known as ‘Avalanche’.  The Avalanche network was used as a delivery platform to launch and manage mass global malware attacks and money mule recruiting campaigns. It has caused an estimated EUR 6 million in damages in concentrated cyberattacks on online banking systems in Germany alone. In addition, the monetary losses associated with malware attacks conducted over the Avalanche network are estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of euros worldwide, although exact calculations are difficult due to the high number of malware families managed through the platform. December 1, 2016   © EUROPOL        Continue to read 

  1. Additional: European Union Intellectual Property Agency 
  2. UK Intellectual Property Department       3. U.S Intellectual Property Agency  
  1. See important advise from German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) on Cyber Security  and global Botnets threats.    English                           Auf Deutsch
  2. Fragen und Antworten zur Avalanche-Botnetzinfrastruktur
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President Obama with the Executive Order blocked Aixtron purchase

President Obama with his Executive order prohibited the Chines purchase of Aixtron for National Security reasons.  Another audible sign that the U.S presence in Europe, is not a luxury but a Necessity for European Defense and Security Pillars, as the case in Aixtron showed that Germany has to rely on U.S. advice and steps.

President Obama’s Order Regarding the Proposed Acquisition of a Controlling Interest in Aixtron SE by Grand Chip Investment GMBH , The White House Press Release Dec 2, 2016 

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KFOR, EULEX, KP in Exercise Silver Sabre-2

The multinational Exercise Silver Sabre-2 was executed from November 21 -26 at Camp Film City, Camp Vrelo and Camp Pomazatin with the joint Forces of: NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR), the European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), Kosovo Police (KP) and the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF). brigadier-general-bernd-thran-deputy-head-of-eulex-in-silver-sabre-2-november-28-2016


Brigadier General Bernd Thran, Deputy Head of EULEX (center) attedning the  Silver Sabre-2 Exercise.    November 28, 2016 © EULEX

The Exercise is in a series led by KFOR,  aimed to assess and upgrade the operational readiness and to enhance the coordinated efforts between KFOR,  EULEX, KP, KSF  in Kosovo. 

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The Role of EULEX Law-Enforcement in Kosovo

Senior Police Adviser, Oliver Hoffmann describes the role of EULEX  Police in Kosovo

2016 © EULEX

Additional: A view to EULEX and its successful mission in Kosovo

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The Netherlands takes a new step to promote Freedom of Expression

the-netherlands-ministry-of-foreign-affairs-engagement-in-freedom-of-expressions-2016Nov 25, 2016 © MFA of the  Netherlands

  1. Additional: The Human Rights Tulip award for individuals or organisations that promote Human Rights Worldwide in innovative ways.
  2. The Dutch Government’s action plans on supporting Human Rights Defenders
  3. The Dutch Government’s Human Rights Fund

News from PM Mark Rutte                                  News from Dutch Armed-Forces    

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Careers at the United Nations

The U.S and European Citizens are strongly advised for Careers at the United Nations:

  1. International Civil Service Commission ( the UN Agencies)
  2. Governance and Peace Building
  3. List of recent Vacancies                                                 Career at the United Nations 

Imagine a World….. without hostilities and antagonistic views.  A world enriched with Love, true Compassion and Friendships.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in Germany, Europe, US and around the World!

By Editor-in Chief

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