Career at the UN-2

The U.S and European Citizens are strongly advised for Careers at the United Nations:

  1. International Civil Service Commission ( the UN Agencies)
  2. Governance and Peace Building
  3. List of recent Vacancies                                                 Career at the United Nations 

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Germany for the UN Security Council 2019/20 – Peace

germany-for-un-security-council-2019-2020-protected-by-copyright-law                                 Peace

In a globalised world, the international community is being called on more than ever before to work together to address conventional and new security challenges. Germany is a reliable partner in this endeavour. It has contributed both personnel and funding to peace missions for almost 30 years now. Conflict prevention, stabilisation, post‑conflict peacebuilding and arms control are among the pillars of German foreign policy. June 27, 2016 © Federal Foreign Office

  1. Speech by Foreign Minister Dr. Frank‑Walter Steinmeier to announce Germany’s candidacy.

News from Federal Foreign Office                              News from  die Bundeswehr    
News from  Germany’s OSCE Chairmanship
News from German Mission to UN                    News from German Mission to NATO

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Canada and Europe united to defend Human Rights and Refugees

Prime Minister of UK stated that the United Kingdom does not agree with President Trump’s Refugee ban. 

Additional: The UK Human Rights                                 UK Support for Refugees 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has a message for refugees rejected by U.S. President Trump:            Canada Will take you.   (By ROB GILLIES, ASSOCIATED PRESS January 28, 2017)

To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength Welcome To Canada January 28, 2017 @JustinTrudeau      

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Regrets the entry ban imposed by the U.S government.

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Europe Stands United with the close Relations with the U.S and President Trump

In the inauguration ceremony of President Donald Trump–all  European Ambassadors in the United States attended the ceremony and published their best wishes on their websites/twitters.

On the same day almost all European Ministry of Foreign Affairs,   Embassies to the U.S, Prime Ministers and  the Head of States from:  Austria,  Australia,  Canada,  Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Estonia, Finland,  Israel,  Latvia,  Norway,  Sweden,  the Netherlands,  the United Kingdom,  Ukraine,  NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg  sent their official messages of congratulations and convey their countries wish to continue the special relations with the United States and President Donald Trump.

The list is viewable on our twitter published on the Moment: President Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Highlight of the event and messages  

The Ambassador of the European Union to the United States of America,  David O’Sullivan attended the inauguration ceremony and stated:

“Honored to be attending the Inauguration of President Donald Trump”



EU Ambassador to the U.S, David O’Sullivan attending the inauguration ceremony. © EU Ambassador to the U.S Jan 20, 2017


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The 45th U.S President

president-donald-trump-january-20-2017      © President Donald Trump Inauguration January 20, 2017 

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Spanish Naval Force in Operation Atalanta-3

commanding-officer-of-esps-relampago-lieutenant-commander-francisco-garcia-flores-of-spanish-navy-and-commodore-hadyn-edmonson-of-royal-canadian-navy-january-16-2017 Commanding Officer of ESPS Relampago, Lieutenant Commander Francisco Garcia Flores of Spanish Navy (right) and  Commodore Hadyn Edmonson of Royal Canadian Navy (left) January 16,  2017 © EU NAVFOR

Spanish Naval warship ESPS Relampago in Operation Atalanta met with the Combined Task Force 150 in their port visit to Tanzania.  

The Commanding Officer of the Combined Task Force 150Commodore Edmonson visited the EU NAVFOR warship ESPS Relampago and met with the ESPS Relampago’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Francisco Garcia Flores and the crew. 

The meeting and discussion of both Commanding Officers highlighted the close cooperation and the joint efforts of EU NAVFOR and the Combined Task Force 150 in counter piracy operation and maritime security in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. 

Special: Interview with Deputy Operation Commander of European Union Naval Force Somalia

  1. Additional: Spanish Naval Force in Operation Atalanta-2
  2. U.S Naval Forces in Operation Atalanta-2

News from Spanish Navy                           News from Combined Maritime Forces
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Die Bundeswehr’s Special Force on the Air Operations-2

The Bundeswehr’s   ‘Air Mobile Protection Team’ ……a highly Rapid….. Deployable ………..Elite Commandos……… that once plunges into Operation ………it  knows no limits. 

January 17, 2017 © die Bundeswehr                                            Follow us @Deutinderwelt 

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