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June 2016

Interview with the Deputy Director of EUROPOL, Operations Department

In the exclusive interview series, this time we have the occasion of getting a glimpse inside of the European Union’s Law-Enforcement Agency,  and the honour of an interview with  Mr Wil van Gemert, Deputy Director of EUROPOL the Operations Department.

Deputy Director of Europol, Operations Department Mr Wil van Gemert June 2016Deputy Director of EUROPOL, Operations Department Mr Wil van Gemert  2016 © EUROPOL





May 2016

The Netherlands on Protecting the Law-Enforcement on the Close-Combat

The Netherlands is taking a new measure that should protect the Law-Enforcement during all categories of Close-Combat, inter alia…… civil unrest and social violence.  An important step that has to be followed by other European States equally.

Police officers will no longer automatically be labelled as suspects during inquiries into the use of force.   A factual investigation, based on the assumption of lawful conduct, will be conducted instead. This is the core of a legislative proposal from State Secretary Van der Steur (Security and Justice) sent to various bodies such as the Council for the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) for advice.  May  3 2016 © Dutch Government

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright Law

News from Dutch Ministry of Justice

News from State Secretary Van der Steur



April 2016

EUROPOL and the U.S Law-Enforcement strengthening their cooperation

On April 7th in Washington DC, the Deputy Director of Europol Operations Department, Wil van Gemert, and the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed a new Agreement to intensify the joint US-EU Law-Enforcement combat against foreign terrorist fighters.

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News from EUROPOL
News from Director Rob Wainwright 




Nov 2016

The German Law-Enforcement in UN and EU Operations.


The Bundespolizei (German Law-Enforcement)  has been holding a pivotal role in the UN and EU External missions in the last thirty years by deploying its personnel from:

  • Polizeibeamten der Länder  (States Police Departments) 
  • Bundeskriminalamtes  (Federal Criminal Investigation Agency)
  • Zoll  (Border and Custom Police Force)                                                                                                   in the various parts of the World.  Their engagements and contributions, though not much broadcasted,  cover a range of crucial tasks including active role in Operations, Advisory and Training.

the-bundespolizei-in-the-international-missionsThe German Law-enforcement  in the training exercise. January 28 2016 © The Bundespolizei

The German Law-Enforcement’s global engagement within the UN Operations:

  • African Union and United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID)
  • United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)
  • United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS)
  • United Nations Interim Administration Mission In Kosovo (UNMIK)
  • United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA)     © The Bundespolizei

The German Law-Enforcement’s global engagement within the EU Operations:

  • European Union Police Mission – Coordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support (EUPOL COPPS)
  • European Union Monitoring Mission Georgia (EUMM Georgia)
  • European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine)
  • European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX Kosovo)
  • European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM Moldova/Ukraine)
  • European Union Capacity Building Mission in the Horn of Africa (EUCAP Nestor)
  • European Union Border Assistance Mission in Rafah (EUBAM Rafah)
  • European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya)
  • European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL AFG)
  • European Union Capacity Building Mission in Mali (EUCAP Mali)   ©The Bundespolizei


  1. Additional: Die Bundeswehr and Bundespolizei in Afghanistan
  2. German Minister visits EULEX
  3. Internationale Polizeimissionen der Bundespolizei

Sources: Bundespolizei/EULEX/ EU External Missions/ UN Peacekeeping Operations




February 2016

Learn more about Cyber Security

European Cyber Crime Center ( EUROPOL)

EU CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)

Where to report Cyber Crime, By EUROPOL



January 2016

By EUROPOL, Risks of using Public Wi-Fi

22 July 2015 © EUROPOL



October 2015

The Europol Roadshow Conference took place from 14 to 15 of October in Selm, Germany.

The conference placed its focus on: Cyber Crime, payment and fraud crime, property crime and counter-terrorism.

There were large number of German Law-enforcement Representative from various Agencies that took part in the conference.



January 2015

Cyber Security in Germany

IT und Cy­ber­si­cher­heit, by German Government

Cy­ber-Si­cher­heits­s­tra­te­gie für Deutsch­land, by German Government

Po­li­tisch mo­ti­vier­te Kri­mi­na­li­tät  (info provided by Germany Federal Government)

Wirt­schafts­kri­mi­na­li­tät  (info provided by Germany Federal Government)



A brief review of Europol in 2013

2013 © Europol




September 2013

European Police Chiefs Convention 2013

September 2013 © Europol





















































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