NATO Multinational Exercise BALTOPS 2016

The most significant of recent years’ NATO Multi-National Exercise  ‘BALTOPS 2016’,  formulated to demonstrate and enhance the U.S-European  Armed-Forces Readiness and Interoperability, is on the way in Baltic Sea region from June 5- June 20.  The Exercise is the U.S-led drills with the ‘STRIKFORNATO’ leading its implementations. 

BALTOPS 2016 US NAVAL Forces Europe


June 2016 © US NAVAL Forces Europe/Africa

The participants from  17 U.S-European States, contributing:  6100 Troops,  over 60 Military Air crafts, about 800 Amphibious Troops, and 45 Ships and Submarines are from the Armed-Forces of:  Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France,  Finland, Germany,  Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands,  Norway,  Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK Royal Navy Flagship HMS Ocean,  and the U.S Naval Force with USS Mount Whitney,  U.S Air Force Europe.

The central objectives intensify on:

  • Enhancing the Allies Interoperability;
  • Training in Anti-Air Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare,  and Mine Countermeasure Warfare;
  • As well as Amphibious and Maritime Interdiction Operations and Exercising against the Asymmetric Threat. Recounts NATO’s NAVAL Striking/Support Forces.


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