Finland will provide more service to the Conscripts in its Armed-Forces

The agreement between Finnish Defence Forces and the Railway Corporation was reached in November 2015,  and on June the 2nd 2016  the implementation of the plan was singed.  Such a significant and positive measure has to be considered also in the U.S and the entire Europe– as a way of honouring the service and ….. dedications of our Heroes in U.S-European Armed-Forces. 

The Press release by the Finnish Defence Forces reads:

From now on, Conscripts will be able to reserve seats free of charge on long-distance trains. It is also still possible for those in furlough Uniform to travel without a reserved seat by displaying their Conscript card.”

“Trains are a favoured mode of transport among conscripts, and we want to further encourage them to make use of this safe and environmentally friendly travel option. The new seat reservation service improves Conscripts’ travel comfort significantly and offers them the opportunity to relax either on their journey home or their journey back to the Garrison.” Stated Maisa Romanainen, Senior Vice President for VR Passenger Services. June 2, 2016 © Finnish Defence Forces    view the Press Release

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