Die Bundeswehr and the Ukraine crisis

Die Bundeswehr and the Ukraine crisis

In response to NATO’s request on the recent Ukraine crisis die Bundeswehr has activated the following measures:

                          Fregatte Rheinland-Pfalz©die Bundeswehr
  • On Air Defense (die Deutsche Luftwaffe)
    Air Patrolling over the Baltic region with six European Fighter Aircraft from September until December 2014.


  • On the Sea (die Deutsche Marine)
    1- The German Navy is part of Standing NATO Maritime Group and it had patrolled the Eastern Mediterranean Sea until the last day of May 2014 to ensure the Security of the region.
    2- In the fame works of the Standing NATO Maritime Group, die Bundeswehr will intensify its patrolling Operation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea region from July 2014 with a Frigate and from October 2014 until the end of November 2014 with a Submarine.
    3- German Navy has been providing Command Ship and Mine-Counter Measure Unit to the Standing NATO Mine Measure Group in both Mediterranean and Baltic Sea for patrolling the regions. From August 2014 although the rotating of Command Ship will change German Navy will continue its Operation in Mine-Counter Measure Unit in both regions
                BW©die Bundeswehr
  • On the Land                                                                                              Simultaneously die Bundeswehr has increased its Military personnel in the NATO Headquarters to provide more support at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. It has also doubled its presence in NATO Multinational Corps North East.