President Obama’s visit to Germany and his Assurance on the next U.S President Mr. Trump’s deep commitment to Europe

In his official visit to Berlin yesterday, President Obama reassured Germany and Europe that the change of administration will not change the United States’ enduring relation with Europe and will have no affect on the U.S commitment to NATO. The World in the uncharted realm……. conflicts …..and mayhem, yet it will be necessary to maintain a strong Transatlantic Relations at Defense and Security…… Political, Economic-Trade and all other aspects.

president-obama-in-europe-germany-assurance-on-nato-nov-17-2016Nov 16, 2016 © US Mission to NATO               News from German Mission to NATO

Despite false doom and gloom propaganda in German media– our research in U.S and in Europe proves that the Republican Administration have always had an extreme close relations with Europe and Berlin.  So will the next U.S President Mr. Donald Trump.                                     In retrospect, the People in Germany should not forget that it was President  Ronald Reagan,  who was determined and made Russian leaders to tear down the Berlin wall and Deutschland to be reunited.

  1. German Ambassador and Republican Governor Mike Pence’s  ( the newly U.S Vice President) on joint project in Indiana-USA,  July 2013

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By Catherine Stella Schmidt