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Transatlantic Relations: Germany and the United States

                 Am. Ammon. in Indiana Ambassador  Dr. Ammon with Mayor Gregory Ballard in  Indianapolis,  July 2013  (Image courtesy of

While the German-American Trade and Investment  have become highly an essential focus in Transatlantic Relations  in the recent years,  the  Skill Initiative  (the German model of working while learning) project is  now in far more demand by more States across the US.

In continuation of the efforts by Ambassador Ammon, the Skills Initiative  has reached another success in Indiana, where Ambassador Ammon was invited to present the project to the high level  State discussion and forum on July 8th 2013.

In Indiana the number of German companies who  provide  job are about 12,500, which subsequently have been contributing to the economic growth and are injecting timely relief to the process of recovery of that  State.                                                                                   This number will increase with the success of   ‘Skill Initiative Project’  as more German companies will move to that States to hire trained and  skilled people.

 “In a number of US states already, local governments and universities have entered into a dialogue with German companies on which curricula suits the best needs of medium and hi-tech companies,”
 “German investors are often particularly assured when they find training models which they already know from home.”   Stated the Ambassador 

Am. Ammon -Gov. Pence





Ambassador  Dr. Ammon with Governor Mike Pence July 2013 © The Diplomatic Mission of Germany to U.S.A

“We look to Germany and its effective dual (working while learning model)  system as a gold standard for inspiration,”  And we  make Indiana a shining example of a state that works.”   Highlighted Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.








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