Die Bundeswehr’s Mission in MINUSMA

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali ‘ MINUSMA’ was launched by UN Security Council Resolution 2100 in April 2013 to establish political stability and security in Mali. In the same year on June 27, German Parliament ratified the decision for Germany’s engagement in MINUSMA, by deploying its Armed-Forces to the Mission.

In the recent years, the Bundeswehr’s engagements in Sahel Region and Mali, has been intensified with more contribution of personnel, and the extension of the Mandate in January 2016 for a longer term.

Die Bundeswehr in MINUSMA June 2016



The Bundeswehr in MINUSMA Mission. June 2016 © die Bundeswehr/Nicole Griebel)

With the current presence of  13,289 Military Personnel and 1,920 Law-Enforcement/ Police from Multinational contributions in this Mission, the Federal Republic of Germany is contributing:

  1.  Armed-Forces in two classifications of:  Contingent Troops and  Military Experts
  2. The German Law-Enforcement and Police (Bundespolizei)

The Bundeswehr’s Operational Tasks in MINUSMA are included:

• Monitoring and Advisory;
• Protection and Support Task;

• To support Staff in the EU Missions in Mali;
• The Reconnaissance of the overall situation;
• To contribute and support the Civil-Military liaison;
• Air Transport in the MINUSMA Operational Field e.g  relocation of Forces/the Equipment;
• To provide Logistic Support,  the Aerial refueling capability for French Forces.


Added with that from the beginning of June 2016  Bundeswehr has been authorized with the Leading Role of Reconnaissance Mission in MINUSMA.

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