U.S. Defense Secretary Carter visited the Bundeswehr’s Troop and Charles de Gaulle

U.S. Defense Secretary Carter, met with the Bundeswehr in his visit to the Coalition Troops on Incirlik Air Base, Turkey on December 15.

2-U.S. Defense Secretary Carter speaks with with coalition Troops on Incirlik Air Base 15 Dec 2015Secretary Carter with die  Bundeswehr Troops in Incirlik Air Base- Turkey, 15 December 2015 ©DoD/U.S Army Sgt. 1st Class Clydell Kinchen

The Secretary of Defense also met with high level Defense Official from U.S and the Coalition Troops stationed in Middle East and expressed his praise for their service and sacrifice to keep the Region and the World safe.

On the same trip on December 19,  Secretary Carter met with the Minister of Defense of France for an official discussion,  and visited the Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle, stationed in the Arabian Gulf.

SD departs the deck of the flagship of the French Navy the Charles De Gaulle.U.S. Defense Secretary Carter visited the Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle, 19 December 2015 ©DoD/U.S Army Sgt. 1st Class Clydell Kinchen

“Speaking as an American, it is magnificent for me to be out here on this strong Ship with a strong ally like France. France is America’s oldest friend and ally. We’re very proud to be your friend and your ally,” stated the U.S Defense Secretary

“France not only has contributed to the efforts to defeat ISIL,  but being in the Arabian Gulf with the Charles de Gaulle means that the Nation is on a broader mission — protecting the Region’s Security.”  and continued “That’s a reminder to us of the global reach, global strength and the global reputation of France as a Force for Civilization,

…….This is the Civilized World defending itself and defending what we stand for.” concluded the U.S Defense Secretary.