Standing NATO Maritime Group2

Standing NATO Maritime Group2 for a new Exercise reached Black Sea

The NATO Naval Force missioned for ‘Standing NATO Maritime Group 2’ (SNMG2) reached the Black Sea on March 4th.

                        SNMG2 March 2015Standing NATO Maritime Group2 at Black Sea, March 2015©MC.NATO

This time the Training will be for Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish Navies. And the focus will be on the simulated Anti-Air, Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercises and other category of Naval Maneuvers.

Launched in 1992, the Standing NATO Maritime Group-2 is a highly advanced Multinational Allied Naval Force that operates for Collective Defence at both Black and the Mediterranean Sea for maintaining Security and Patrolling the Regional Waters. It performs also a wide range of Operational Training and Exercises.

The main Task Force for Standing NATO Maritime Group-2

  • Military and Political Training/Exercises and Maneuvers
  • Rescue and Research Operations
  • Humanitarians and Disaster Relief Operations
  • Counter-Terrorism Operations
  • Ensuring the Security of the Allied coastal waters by Patrolling and constant Presence

The most recent missions of SNMG2

The largest Multinational Naval Exercise ‘Noble Justification’; Operation Active Endeavour; and the Training Exercise with Charles de Gaulle Carrier Strike Group from France

The Flag Ship assigned for this Operation is USS Vicksburg (CG 69) under Command of Rear Admiral Brad Williamson from the U.S Navy.

Explaining about the current Mission of SNMG2 Rear Admiral Williamson stated:
“The Training and Exercises we will conduct with our Allies in the Black Sea prepares us to undertake any Mission NATO might require to meet its obligations for collective Defense.”
“We are here at the invitation of the Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian governments and look forward to enhancing our interoperability with their Navies.” ©MC.NATO

Die Bundeswehr has also a prominent part in ‘Standing NATO Maritime Group2.
In 2012 Frigate FGS Bayern from German Navy had the leading role as the NATO Flagship for ‘SNMG2’.



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