Die Bundeswehr in NATO Response Force

The Leadership of NATO Response Force has been handed over to die Bundeswehr and the Netherlands Armed-Forces

             US Lieutenant General John Nicholson with Lieutenant General Volker Halbauer of die Bundeswehr,Janurary 2015US Lieutenant General John Nicholson of the Allied Land Command passed the NRF flag to Lieutenant General Volker Halbauer of die Bundeswehr. Münsteraner Prins-Claus-Base, 16 Janurary 2015 ©Public Affairs Office 1 German/Netherlands Corps/ LCpl Jacqueline Woller

On January 16 2015, die Bundeswehr with the Armed-Forces of Netherlands have assumed the leadership of the NATO Response Force ‘NRF’ from France.

The leadership which had been already given to die Bundeswehr in previous years of 2005 and 2008, entails extensive tasks in Military Strategic Planning, Rapid Deployment as well as Humanitarian Operations.

The NRF Operational task and the responsibilities encompass:

• Providing an advanced Rapid Deployable Forces
• The Combat Mission in an Emergency situation
• Crisis Management Operations
• Peace support Operations
• Disaster Relief Operations
• And protection of Critical Infrastructure

The illustrative deployments of NRF in the recent years were:
The Olympic in Athens 2004, the election in Afghanistan 2004, the hurricane Katrina in US 2005, the earthquake in Pakistan 2006.

The Bundeswehr has assigned about 4000 of its Military personnel in this mission.