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Die Luftwaffe Aufklärungs-Tornados nach Masar-i Scharif.(Image courtesy of die Bundeswehr)

Since 2001 Germany has been an essential partner in NATO operation and will continue its support to NATO and the International coalition in the region, beyond 2014.
With the exit strategy in 2014, the NATO mission in Afghanistan from 2015 will be reduced to about 12000 Military and civilian personnel, combining all forces from most Member states

The recent announcement by the Bundeswehre projects Germany commitment to NATO mission after 2014 in Afghanistan, and the security of the region. With that Deutschland from 2015, for period of two years, will continue its engagements in Afghanistan as an Advisory and the supportive Force for NATO and the U.S.

Although the final decision on Germany continuation mission will be made officially public in later time, however as of recent Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland has announced its plan and position to continue its support to NATO mission as the part of NATO member and the International troops by providing between 600-800 German Military personnel.
Their active engagements however will be mostly in Kabul and simultaneously Northern part of Afghanistan


Minister of Defense Dr. Thomas de Maizière and Brigadegeneral Dirk Backen in Afghanistan,  2011
(Image courtesy of die Bundeswehr/Schmidt)

A side from Military operations Germany has been playing a crucial role since 2001 in civilian section and in allocation of financial aid by Foreign office to Security and development of Afghanistan.
For development programmes in Afghanistan Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland has been providing over 430 million euros per year, thus far the third largest financial donor.

A brief glance at Germany contributions to Afghanistan

1. With 5,350 troops die Bundeswehr is, until 2014, the third largest contributor to NATO mission.

2. Germany is also the largest contributors for Law-Enforcement and Security Training.

3. It is also the third largest financial aid donor. It has thus far provided 1.6 billion and pledged of 2.8 billion for year 2013. This amount has been part of bilateral from Germany.

4. In addition to bilateral Deutschland has been contributing 20 percent to the EU assistance to Afghanistan: a total of over $2.5 billion euros.

5. Deutschland’s role in Afghanistan with the contributions of approximately 100,000 Military and Civilians personnel has been not limited only to Military front but also to:

A. Reconstruction of Northern part of Afghanistan;
B. Capacity building in Air Transportation;
C. Capacity Building in Reconnaissance and Communication in the entire country.


Die Bundeswehr in Masar-i Scharif. (Image courtesy of die Bundeswehr/steffen Maluche)

From 2015 die Bundeswehr will be in charge of all Training and advisory as well as providing support to NATO in various parts of Afghanistan. Yet to become the second largest Troops provider next to the United States.

A dream that U.S sought, so impatiently and for so long; to have die Deutschen Soldaten only next to itself , in every battle and in every frontier.



By Catherine Stella Schmidt


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