On Transatlantic Relations: Europe and the United States

On Transatlantic Relations:  Europe and the United States     

In a world, where environmental, economic and humanitarian turmoil, added to proliferation of Nuclear and Cyber threats are looming on the horizon, more than ever E.U and the United States must team up and strengthen their close relations.

Research and Educational; Political and Legislation; Economic and Commerce; Military and Security integrations will be necessary, as we face so many unknown elements of the 21st century.
The relation between Europe and the United States has not been established based on series of signed Treaties or economic agreements, but this is a relationship, which was born with the existence of the New World:
“The United States of America”
–and is cherished by Europe who sees this super power as a direct creation of its own thoughts and adventure.
Yes, we have roots and relatives on both sides, even though we might not be aware of them. Europe has been and remains to be so the United States real Heritage and its roots.
Every aspect of history and every fact attests that the EU-US relation is the most complementary and complete one.
Between Europe and the United States–
there is a relationship that can be only portrayed as an unconditional commitment, a sense of harmony and creeds that delve deeper than, it can ever be described, touching every aspect of their beings.
And this relation, will be always magnified with our common Ideals; values and principles; culture and our political thoughts.    

At the Empirical level:
more facts, which could substantiate further the significance of Transatlantic Relations.

* Europe and U.S are account for over 50% of global GDP (the White House press release 2010).
* The E.U and the U.S have the largest bilateral investment and trade relations. The Transatlantic trade and investment amount to over $1 billion a day.
* Only in 2009, European capital was 64% of the foreign investment in United States.
* About 50% of U.S investment goes to E.U States as well.
(The White House press release 2010).
* In recent years the transatlantic direct investment has created over 14.million jobs on the both sides of the Atlantic (announced by the U.S Secretary of Commerce in 2010.
* As indicated by European Union in 2010 in the EU- US Summit, the United States remains the European’s largest trading partner for both goods and services.

• E.U good exports to the U.S in 2009: €204.4 billion
• E.U goods imports from the U.S in 2009: €159.8 billion
• E.U services exports to the U.S 2009: €119.4 billion
• E.U services imports from the U.S in 2009: €127.0 billion
• E.U investment flows to the U.S in 2008: €121.4 billion
• U.S investment flows to the E.U in 2008: €50.5 billion
(Announced by the E.U in 2010)

From the crises and conflicts in various regions and countries: Africa, Asia, the Middle-East, Kosovo, Georgia, Afghanistan, while the U.N struggled to get the other Nations for the aid on its board, Europe and United States in almost all 20 and 21 century’s Peacekeeping operations, have shouldered the main parts of the economic and peacekeeping efforts, to de-escalate the Humanitarian crisis and the Global conflicts.
The United States and Europe, as the Pillars of Western Civilization, not only have led the World towards a greater transformation but also paved the path for the global journey towards Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights.

While these are solely a few aspects of EU-US relations, yet it has to be emphasized that in reality our History, Philosophy, Cultural and Political spheres are so much attached to each other– so much embedded by one, another, that the rest of the world sees us as one– on every front.
We have to recognize this importance.
Thus it is necessary to keep these ties as strong as ever for maintaining our global Security, Prosperity, and the survival of Western Civilizations, which alone stands on the Ideal of the Rights of Mankind and defending Humanity.

By Catherine Stella Schmidt,
Political Scientist and Author

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