The U.S-European Best Squad Winner of 2016

Started on the October 22,  this year’s U.S-European Best Squad Competition was finalized on October 27 with the Armed-Forces of  Norway  in the first place,  Sweden and Belgium  in the second and the third.

norway-the-winner-of-best-squad-2016The U.S-European Best Squad is the U.S Army Europe sponsored military competition covering over 30 events and 27 challenges in the period of four days.  The Armed Forces from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States  were the participants in 2016 competition.


The Best Squad Competition is designed to project a dynamic presence, foster military partnership and promote NATO and partner nation interoperability. Explained the U.S Army Europe on the importance of this event.

Additional: Die Bundeswehr won the U.S-European Best Squad competition of 2015

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Image: Norwegian Squad the first place winner of the 2016. October 27, 2016 courtesy of U.S Army