Israeli Armed-Forces and its Multicultural System

Despite many false mainstream media’s propaganda, the State of Israel and its Armed-Forces have the most open multicultural Political and Military system.  The history of Holyland can attest this fact, by having its 8th President an Iranian immigrant Moshe Katsav,  only a few years ago.

With the encouragement of PM  Benjamin Netanyahu  and religious leaders like Greek Orthodox Priest Father Gabriel Nadaf  more young Arab and Christian are joining the Israeli Armed-Forces, for a better life and future which integrates them fully in the States of Israel as the citizens.   The number of Christians and Arab Serving  in the Israeli Defense Force is increasing every year. 

  1. Additional: Increased Coordination Between Israeli Armed-Forces and the Palestinians for Celebration of Christmas Season
  2. Thousands of Muslim serving in Israeli Army .  The Israeli Army does not publish statistics about the exact number of non-Jewish enlisted soldiers, although it says hundreds of non-Jewish Israeli citizens – Muslims, Christians and Druze – join up every year. by BBC documentary   

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By Editor in Chief