French Naval Force in Operation Atalanta-1

The history of France,  like the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and other Europeans…. echos centuries of successful and highly advanced Naval Forces which reigned…… and has possessed the Oceans and the Seas.




Frigate  La Fayette © EU NAVFOR 

In the recent years– in the European counter-piracy Operation, France has been contributing  a vital part from early 2009.  

On September 28, the French Navy redeployed its Frigate  La Fayette in Operation Atalanta  to join the other European Naval Forces in the EU NAVFOR for the ongoing Operation.                  Marking it not the first time, the multi-task Naval vessel carrying the name of  General la Fayette  has been previously in several rotational terms deployed in EU NAVFOR for combating the piracy and reinforcing the Maritime Security in the Indian Oceans and gulf of Aden.

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Sources: EU NAVFOR/Marine nationale