The Bundeswehr’s Mission in KFOR

The NATO Mission in Kosovo was launched following the UN Security Council Resolution of 1244 in  June 1999– to establish peace, security and stability in Kosovo.  Since then the Bundeswehr has been actively present, as a part of NATO in the region,  holding an imperative role in KFOR Operations.

In June 2016 the German Parliament extended the Bundeswehr’s Mission in KFOR for another year, marking it as one of the longest Military contributions of German Armed-Forces in overseas.

Brigadegeneral Gert-Johannes Hagemann instructing (M) the patrolling Unit in the KFOR Mission 2015 BW



Brigadegeneral Gert-Johannes Hagemann    (center) instructing the patrolling team in the KFOR Mission. July 14, 2015 © die Bundeswehr/Claudia Seidenschwanz


Proclaimed by NATO, the KFOR Operational Objectives consist of:

  • To deter hostility and threats against Kosovo by Yugoslav and Serb forces;
  • To establish a secure environment and ensure public safety and order;
  • Demilitarizing  the Kosovo Liberation Army;
  • To support the International humanitarian effort;
  • And to coordinate with, and support, the International civil presence. © NATO

Among other important Operational tasks, die Bundeswehr also monitors the enforcement of freedom of movement for  KFOREULEX  and local authorities in Kosovo.