In Remembrance of the Wehrmacht Coup in Berlin July 2o, 1944

Colonel Graf von Stauffenberg at the 17th Cavalery Regiment in Bamberg 1926Colonel Graf von Stauffenberg at the 17th Cavalry Regiment in Bamberg 1926 Wikimedia/Bundesarchiv/die Bundeswehr 

In honouring  Colonel von Stauffenberg,  and all those Uniform personnel and Civilians who participated in Operation Valkyrie of the Wehrmacht Coup in Berlin July 20, 1944. 

They lost their lives, but their Bravery and Legend, their Memories and Stance will stay in the history as a golden chapter a great model of the Freedom Fighters.

Every year on July 20, the Bundeswehr in Berlin perform a Military Ceremony in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the failed Coup of Operation Valkyrie. (By Editor in Chief )

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