Die Bundeswehr in Operation Atalanta-7

The German Navy’s most resourceful Eagle, who flies so high in the day time and in the  shimmering nights.  Puissant and versatile ….a mighty creature whose life has been intertwined with the Oceans…. and the Seas,  ‘the P-3C Orion’ …….. 

Die P-3C „Orion“ kurz vor dem Start in Djibouti BW 2016…..has left on June 16  the Operational field of the Atalanta in Djibouti,  to  sojourn in its homeland in Germany.

The Bundeswehr has affirmed its plan to redeploy the ‘MPRA’  to Operation Atalanta a few months later, in early September, when it will be most needed.

From 17 June, the Spanish Air Force’s P-3 Aircraft continues the Operation with the Flagship FGS Bayern under the command of Force Commander, Rear Admiral Kaack.

“The MPRA is an extremely flexible asset.  It can be tasked at short notice to provide imagery of a particular area of interest to enable the Force Commander to react to events and keep the waters of the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean safe for all maritime users.  The Gulf of Aden is an immensely important sea area for maritime trade. With over 90% of the world’s merchant shipping transiting by sea every year, much of this through the Gulf of Aden, it is crucial that the area remains safe from pirate attacks.”  emphasized  the EU Naval Force in Operation ATALANTA  15 June 2016 © EUNAVFOR

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*Image the P-3C Orion in Djibouti June 2016 © die Bundeswehr