Frigate ESPS Santa Maria of Spain in Operation Atalanta

Frigate ESPS Santa Maria of Spain has been redeployed on the Operation Atalanta on 15th May to stay in the next five months.

Atlantic Ocean (October 22, 2005) - Sailors of Spanish frigate SPS Santa Maria (F-81) prepare to conduct replenishment at sea (RAS) with the Spanish oiler SPS Marques De La Ensenada (A-11) off the coast of Brazil. Naval forces from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Uruguay and the United States are participating in UNITAS 47-06 Atlantic phase, a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored exercise that enhances friendly, mutual cooperation and understanding between participating navies by enhancing interoperability in naval operations among the nations of the Western Hemisphere. Official U.S. Navy Photograph by PH2 (NAO/AW/SW) Michael Sandberg; Fleet Combat Camera, Atlantic. Spanish frigate ESPS Santa Maria May 2016 © EUNAVFOR

Described by EU NAVAL Force, Frigate ESPS Santa Maria has a high caliber Operational capabilities including  a unique  Maritime Surveillance and Reconnaissance system, Remotely Piloted Air System, and  the Seahawk Helicopter on board. 

With the arrival of ESPS Santa Maria, the Multitask Warship ESPS Tornado also of Spanish Navy will return to its port in Gran Canaria, after months of successfully conducting counter-privacy Operations in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.

Additional reference:  Spanish Minister of Defense visits EU NAVFOR warship in Djibouti, by EU NAVFOR July 2011

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