The United Kingdom’s Foreign Policy on promoting Human Rights in the World

The United Kingdom through its Political and Diplomatic stance, has been the strongest Advocator, the consistent Promoter and the uncompromising Defender of Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom in the  World.

FCO logo Copyright Protected by LawOn the importance of this concept in the UK Foreign Policy– Foreign Secretary The Rt Hon Philip Hammond elaborated:

The promotion of Human Rights is a core part of the everyday work of the Foreign Office and is the responsibility of British diplomats around the world. This year we are doubling the funding available for Human Rights projects to £10 million,through the Magna Carta Fund – a true measure of the importance we attach to this agenda.” April 21, 2016 ©UK Foreign Office

The announcement by the Foreign Office states:

The Fund is launched on 18 January 2016 by FCO Minister Baroness Anelay which aims to further British interests overseas by tackling the root causes of Human Rights violations, strengthening institutions and governance, promoting and protecting Human Rights, and supporting Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The Fund has three priority themes:

•Democratic values and the rule of law – Uphold universal rights, democracy and the rule of law as key building blocks for more secure and prosperous societies;
•The rules-based international order – Support an effective rules-based international order that stands up for universal rights;
•Human rights for a stable world – Promote a more stable world by upholding universal rights in tackling conflict and extremism. April 21, 2016 ©UK Foreign Office

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