Denmark the Frontrunner in the fight against Da’esh

Sponsor_Ministry_UK [Converted]The Danish Parliament gave a milestone support for Denmark to thrust ahead as a Frontrunner in the fight against Da’esh


On the occasion of this approval Minister Kristian Jensen stated:

“The fight against Da’esh is now entering a new phase. The global coalition has succeeded in denying Da’esh safe-havens and forcing the organisation back on the ground as well as disrupting its financial access and economic sustainment. But Da’esh still poses a major threat to the civilian population in the region – and to Europe through terrorist attacks and foreign terrorist fighters.  Therefore, we must increase the Military pressure on them.” Continue to read

Described by the MFA Denmark currently contributes to the fight against Da’esh  in three fields:

  • Redeployment of a F-16 Fighter jet contribution, consisting of four operational F-16 fighter jets and up to three in logistical reserve. This contribution includes up to approximately 110 people. The fighter jet contribution will available for the full spectrum of air operations.
  • A Contingent comprising Special Forces of up to approximately 60 persons.
  • A C-130J Tactical Air Transport Aircraft contribution comprising up to approximately 60 people, depending on the specific location and the ability to draw on existing support functions.  April 19, 2016 ©MFA Denmark

I am pleased that a large majority has voted for the extended Danish Military engagement against the terrorist organisation Da’esh. With the broader mandate we will be able to fight Da’esh across the border to Syria leaving them nowhere to hide. It is important that we continue the fight and push even harder as they are currently being pushed back.

The Danish Military capabilities are in high demand and it is without doubt that our Soldiers are highly professional and well trained. I have the highest respect for their enormous dedication both previously and currently and I am confident that they will deliver on a high level during the coming deployments as well.” affirmed Defence Minister Peter Christensen.  April 19, 2016 © MFA Denmark

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