Die Bundeswehr in Operation Atalanta-6

The German Navy has achieved 5000 Flying hours for EU Naval Force in Operation Atalanta

German-MPRA-Detachment-reach-5000-flying-hours-for-Op-Atalanta April 8, 2016The German Navy MPRA Team with the Bundeswehr’s Eagle P-3C Orion in Operation Atalanta, Djibouti. April 8,2016 ©EU NAVFOR

As a part of EU Naval Force  since 2008, the German Navy has been playing a crucial role in Operation Atalanta.  Its Naval Eagle P-3C Orion  flies regularly ……upon the Oceanic waves in patrolling the coast of Somalia and the gulf of Aden for Maritime Reconnaissance, that to transmit the Intel to the Flagship, currently Frigate Bayern,  for  the Force Commander to evaluate, determine and….. command the next stage.

On the achievement of imposingly successful– flying 5000 hours in the Operation,  the Commanding Officer of the German Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft ‘MPRA’ Detachment, Lieutenant Commander Kai Hansen,  elaborated:

“5,000 hours in the Air can only be achieved with a Strong Team. The cooperation between Crew, Technicians and Support Staff is excellent and means we can continuously contribute to the Success of the Operation.” ©die Bundeswehr/EU NAVFOR April 11,2016

              Commander Hansen congratulates the BW Pilots for their reaching 8000 flight in EUNAV April 19,2016 Lieutenant Commander Kai Hansen congratulating the two the Bundeswehr’s Pilots for  their 8000 hours successful fly © die Bundeswehr/Christin Krakow. Djibouti, April 19,2016

Lieutenant Commander Kai Hansen,  also personally congratulated the two Bundeswehr’s Pilots from the MPRA Team, each with 4000 hours of successfully fly in the Operation Atalanta.