The Leadership of Netherlands in EU Presidency 2016

Logo kleur hoge resolutie Protected by Copyright LawIn 2016 the Netherlands holds the EU Presidency for the twelfth time. The last time was in 2004.  Holding the Presidency involves mediating and brokering compromises between the 28 EU member states and between EU institutions like the Council, European Commission and European Parliament. The Netherlands’ central aim is that European Union place its focus more on what matters to Europe’s citizens, Economy and businesses. Thus its Priorities highlights Prosperity, Freedom and Security in Europe. 2016©The Dutch MFA

Among many areas that the Dutch Government  is intent on ameliorating in Europe– during its EU Presidency (the unveiled projects until week  March 20, 2016) are:

*The list of touched Projects until week March 20th are far larger, but here are only a few.