The U.S-European Air Forces in NATO Training Exercise Real Thaw

USAFE in NATO Real Thaw Feb.2016U.S. Airmen and NATO Forces in the opening  ceremony of Real Thaw at Beja Air Base, Portugal, February 21, 2016 ©USAFEU-Africa/Senior Airman Dawn M. Weber

 The U.S Air force from Europe participated in one of NATO’s recent Training Exercise ‘Real Thaw’ hosted by Portuguese Armed-Forces. The Training aimed to upgrade the participant Nations’ skills in the non-Combat Operations while increasing the Allied Interoperability and effectiveness in both Offensive and Defensive Air Operations.

The Real Thaw was carried out from February 22- March 3, with the participation of Air Forces  from Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, and other NATO Forces.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to be here in Portugal,”  “We’re excited to be here working side by side with our NATO Allies honing our Joint Air Interoperability as well as Tactical Skills.”  stated Lt. Col. Rob Fowler,from U.S  Fighter Squadron Operations Supervisor. February 23, 2016 ©USAFEU/Senior Airman Dawn M. Weber 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

“Real Thaw gives us the opportunity to train and learn from other Countries experiences,”  “Here we are able to effectively learn how to use each other’s assets and how to play together if there is ever a time we come together in a Deployed Theater.” expressed Officer Buzzer from  Portuguese Air Base F-16M Pilot. February 23, 2016 ©USAFEU/Senior Airman Dawn M. Weber 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

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