Standing NATO Maritime Group-1 is positioned for ‘COLD RESPONSE 16’

Standing NATO Maritime Group-1 ( SNMG1) visited Trondheim Norway, as a routine visit to the North and Baltic Sea, before launching one of the biggest NATO Maritime Military Training- Exercise ‘COLD RESPONSE 16’, which will take off in early March.  Most European States, with the U.S Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force are taking part in it. SNMG1 VISITS TRONDHEIMThe SNMG1 in Trondheim Norway, February 25,2016 ©NATO Maritime Command

At the present time under the command of Rear Admiral José Enrique Delgado from Spanish Navy, the SNMG1 is combined of :

• The United Kingdom Royal Navy Frigate HMS IRON DUKE (F234)
• The Spanish Flagship F100 class Frigate ESPS ÁLVARO de BAZÁN (F101)
• The Spanish Combat Replenishment Ship ESPS CANTABRIA (A15)
• The Norwegian Coastal Corvettes Skjold-class HNoMs STORM (P961) and HNoMs STEIL (P963)

“SNMG1 just completed one more week of training off the Norwegian Coast, to make sure we are ready to provide NATO with a continuous presence and Maritime capability for Operations.”   “I´m looking forward to increasing SNMG1 readiness and proficiency by our participation in exercise COLD RESPONSE 16 where our Task Group capabilities will be upgraded with the addition of Allied units from Denmark and France”.  stated Rear Admiral Delgado.  February 25, 2016 ©NATO Maritime Command

“This exercise provides a great opportunity for Allies to train together and better understand how we each operate and communicate,”  “The increased understanding and cooperative efforts between our Countries enable us to work together effectively, while also addressing any and all Security challenges that may arise in the Region or other parts of the World.” emphasized Lt. Col. Dennis Cummings from the U.S Air Force. February 27, 2016 © U.S Air Force Europe

Standing NATO Maritime Group-1 is  part of NATO’s  Immediate Reaction Forces which operates to enhance NATO Allied Maritime capability in peacetime, as well as in  conflict.