German-American Friendship day in US Army Europe

German-American Friendship Day Celebration at the US Army Europe Garrison

                              German-American Friendship day in US Army Europe, 1 October 20151.October 2015 ©US Army Europe National Liaison Office

September and October are German-American months across the United States every year. It begins from General von Steuben Day in September to the October 6th, the official proclaimed German-American Day by the White House to highlight the Historical Heritage, Cultural intertwine and bonds between the two countries.

Since 2004, October 1st is designated by the US Army Europe, as the German-American Day__ and is celebrated widely in US Army Garrisons in Germany.

This year on Friday October 1, the Day was  also recognized by an official ceremony followed by a reception in Frankfurt.

Among over several hundreds guests were the high level Representatives from both countries: Brig. General Phillip Jolly, the Director of US Army Europe Reserve Engagement Cell, Representative of die Bundeswehr, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann of Frankfurt, the Consul General James Hermnan of the US Consulate General Frankfurt, Representative of the City of Frankfurt, Representatives of most German-American Organizations and the members of the Frankfurt Galaxy Football team.