Frigate FGS Bayern rejoins the EU Naval Force

In Remembrance of Unternehmen Hannibal January-May-1945

Frigate FGS Bayern has arrived in the Indian Ocean to rejoin the EU Naval Force for Operation Atalanta

                  Fregatte BAYERN im UNIFIL-Einsatz 2007Frigate FGS Bayern 2015 ©die Bundeswehr/European Union Naval Force Operation Atalanta

Since 2008 that the German Parliament adopted a Mandate on German Navy’s participation in European Naval Force and the Operation Atalanta, die Bundeswher has been intensively engaged in this mission.

On February 10th, the Multitask Operational Warship from German Navy, with the capability of Sea Lynx MK 88-A Helicopter-carrier, the ‘Frigate FGS Bayern’ arrived in the Indian Ocean to take over the Task Force of Operation Atalanta from the Warship FGS Luebeck.

The FGS Luebeck had been taking part in the Operation Atalanta since November 2014.
“I am extremely proud of my crew. They have worked very hard and helped to ensure that seafarers remained safe from pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden.” acknowledged the Commanding officer of Frigate FGS Luebeck Commander Peter Christian Semrau.

The Frigate FGS Bayern,

It first joined the EU Naval Force in 2011 in the Indian Ocean, where it was the leading Operational Warship with the Multinational-Force Headquarters on its board. During that period of time Rear Admiral Thomas Jugel from German Navy was also selected as the Commander of EU Naval Force in Operation Atalanta

From June-December 2012, FGS Bayern was also selected as the NATO Flagship, with the leading role in Standing NATO Maritime Group2 (SNMG2) in the Mediterranean Sea.

As a part of EU Naval Force, Strong……and Unbeatable as the Whale in the Ocean…….Proud as the Eagle,………the Frigate Bayern……will return to its Port in Wilhelmshaven in July 2015, after accomplishing its Military Task Force.

By Catherine Stella Schmidt