Wounded Warrior of BW

The Wounded Warrior of die Bundeswehr

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Bravery…..Courage….. Nobility and Honour that describe our Wounded Warrior of die Bundeswehr

Deutschland will have its never-ending gratitude to the service and the sacrifice that our Troops have made to keep Germany, Europe……… and the World safe.


We believe in our Heroes

                                            The Wounded Warrior of die Bundeswehr
 ©Bundeswehr/Berns/Bernd Berns



October 2014

©die Bundeswehr



Walking With The Wounded Servicemen and women – South Pole Allied Challenge

©British Monarchy/walking with the Wounded.org.uk



President Obama in sport event of the the Wounded Warrior of US Armed-Forces



Prince Harry of Great Britain is the founder of the Project to support the wounded servicemen and women of UK as well as organizing events for European Wounded Warrior.


For more information please see the link.





The European Wounded Warrior in London Athletics championship

 ©die Bundeswehr

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