Fallen Heroes of BW

In Erinnerung an unsere gefallenen Helden der Bundeswehr



In remembrance of all  Bundeswehr  Soldaten who gave their lives ……..to save the Humanity and keep the Light of Freedom alive. Deutschland  shall remember them forever………….


                                       die Helden

From its establishment in 1955 until 2016 die Bundeswehr has lost 3,200 Military and Civilian personnel in the mission field and some in the Military training or exercises. Added with 3,500 personnel that had self ended their lives ( this practice among Military personnel is registered in the most countries in the world including in the U.S and UK)


The Fallend Heroes of the German Armed-Forces in the recent years Missions:  

  • Afghanistan ISAF mission: 55
  • Kosovo  KFOR Mission : 27
  • Bosnian and Herzegovina EUFOR/SFOR Mission: 19
  • Georgien UNOMIG mission: 1
  • Kambodscha UNTAC mission: 1
  • Adria Sharp Guard mission: 1

                        BW the fallen Heroes                                                                                             ©die Bundeswehr



Bundespräsident Gauck am Ehrenhain in Masar-i Scharif



Bundespräsident Gauck laying  flowers in the memorial place of Deutschen Soldaten in Afghanistan, am Ehrenhain in Masar-i Scharif  ©die Bundeswehr/ dpa/Gambarini/Maurizio Gambarini)




Wald der Erinnerung ‘the Forest of Remembrance’

Wald der Erinnerung©die Bundeswehr/Kurtze/Isabell Kurtze


Der Wald der Erinnerung is a Memorial Place in the heart of an ancient Forest near Potsdam that honours the German Armed-Forces who lost their lives in Armed-conflicts, Tyrany, Battles and particularly in the recent years deployment missions as part of NATO and UN Peacekeeping Forces. 


Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck has already, in July 2014, announced his  participation at the opening of  ‘Der Wald der Erinnerung’ in Geltow near Potsdam.

„Worte können hier kaum Trost spenden. Sie fallen uns schwer, auch mir. Als Bundesminister der Verteidigung ist es mir aber dennoch ein Bedürfnis, heute bei Ihnen zu sein. Heute nehmen wir als Bundeswehr gemeinsam Abschied.“     Federal Minister of Defence  Dr. Thomas de Maizière, in the Memorial Ceremony of the Fallen Heroes of die Bundeswehr. Baden-Württembergischen Calw, 13. May. 2013


“Our Nation owes a debt to its Fallen Heroes that we can never fully repay. But we can honor their sacrifice, and we must. We must honor it in our own lives by holding their memories close to our hearts, and heeding the example they set.”    President Obama in Fallen Heroes  Memorial Day. Arlington VA 30. May 2011






©Katholische Militärseelsorge





            …………and we shall remember them ………always ………..

















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