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November 2014

A Research article from the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas


‘A Closer look at the founder of US NCO Corps ‘General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben 1730–1794’

Written by Pablo Villa

                  General von SteubenGeneral von Steuben training the American recruits at Valley Forge in 1778 (painted by Edwin Austin Abbey)
©US NCO Journal/ USArmy News Service

Mr. Pablo Villa is a Writer/Editor/Photographer for the NCO Journal of the ‘U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy’
He graduated in 2003 from the University of Texas at El Paso, Texas.
Before assuming his position at the US Army FT Bliss, he worked as a highly experienced Author in a major Media industry. Since 2013 he has joined the ‘Army Sergeants Major Academy’ at Fort Bliss and been working as an Editor for the NCO Journal of the Army.

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October 2014

Oberstleutnant Dr. Joris Kila from the Royal Dutch Army

                              Oberstleutnant Dr. Joris KilaPhoto subject to Copy-Right Law)

Oberstleutnant Dr. Joris Kila is Researcher at the University of Vienna and a former reserve Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Dutch army

He holds degrees in Art History and Classical Archaeology from Leiden University and a PhD in Cultural Sciences from the University of Amsterdam.  While appointed as the acting chairman of the cultural affairs dept. at the Civil-Military Co-operation Group North he undertook several cultural rescue missions in Iraq and in FYROM (Macedonia). He also served as a board member with the World Association for the Protection of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Times of Armed Conflict in Rome;  a member of the Research Forum on the Law of Armed Conflict and Peace Operations in the Netherlands.  In the past he was researcher at the University of Amsterdam’s institute for history and culture as well as community fellow at the University of Chicago Cultural Policy Center. He is  a member of the US COCOM Cultural Historical Action Group, adviser of Blue Shield and chairman of the International Cultural Resources Working Group for which he undertook cultural emergency missions to Egypt, Libya and Mali. And  editor in chief of the series Heritage and Identity from Brill academic publishers and author of many publications on cultural property protection in times of armed conflict.

Oberstleutnant Dr. Joris Kila is recipient of ARCA Award for Art Protection and Security in 2012 and the Blue Shield ‘Preis’ 2012 for his book Heritage under Siege. He is co-author of the Appendix 6 to annex G to USAFRICOM’s Theater Campaign Plan 2000-12 Cultural Property Protection.


Inactive, Reactive, or Pro-active by Dr.Kila

Military Involvement in Cultural Property Protection

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