Germany’s OSCE Chairmanship of 2016

Germany’s OSCE Presidency 2016

Started from January 2016 until the end of December Germany had the OSCE Chairmanship  for the year of 2016.


                        Renewing dialogue,  rebuilding trust,  restoring security  

were the pillars on which the German Foreign Office architected its policy for this occasion.

The final phase of Germany OSCE Chairmanship was concluded in December with the  23rd OSCE Ministerial Council  meeting in Hamburg.

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Foreign Minister Dr. Steinmeier opens OSCE Human Rights conference

  1. The Evaluation of Human Rights in Germany by German Foreign Office
  2. Implementation of Selected OSCE Commitments on Human Rights and Democracy in Germany,  by German Foreign Office
  3. Die Umsetzung ausgewählter OSZE-Verpflichtungen zu Menschenrechten und Demokratie in Deutschland,  von Auswaertiges.Amt

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News from Germany’s OSCE Chairmanship
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