Foreign Minister Steinmeier on Germany’s next role for the UN Security Council

Deutschland 2016 - Copy          Germany for UN Security Council 2019/2020

On June 27, in an official speech at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies ‘GIGA’  Foreign Minister Dr.  Steinmeier announced Germany’s Candidacy for the UN Security Council 2019/2020.

We need the United Nations and the Security Council more than ever in our efforts to promote peace in these troubled times. And although the UN Security Council has increasingly been on the receiving end of criticism and is, unfortunately, blocked on occasions, it nonetheless remains the only body capable of adopting conflict prevention and peace keeping measures that are binding in international law. Despite all scepticism, in the last year the Council has unanimously adopted 60 out of 63 resolutions. The Security Council is the central global crisis manager”   elaborated Minister Dr.Steinmeier,  Hamburg June 27, 2016 © Federal Foreign Office

As a non-permanent Member of the Security Council the Federal Republic of Germany had been already elected five times, in the following periodic terms:     

1987/1988                                                                                                                                                       1977/1978