General von Steuben Day in the United States of America

Every year in the United States the third Saturday (close to the birthday of General von Steuben 17 September 1730)  is celebrated as a day of honouring the Prußian Commander in U.S Continental Army General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben.  The day is called German-American Day.

This year also on Saturday September 17th,  the event was celebrated across the United States, with a largest parade of U.S Law-Enforcement  and  Armed-Forces (majority of them with German heritage) in NY City. The Bundeswehr,  Bundespolizei and German Embassy, Ambassador Peter Wittig, as every year have participated in the parade.

New York City Police Department NYPD Parade in General von Steuben Day.

Watch the German-American Steuben Parade  September 17, 2016

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