Bundespräsident on the official visit to USA

Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck travelled to the U.S from October 5 to 8

During this visit Federal President met with President Obama at the White House. Both Leaders emphasized the shared values, closer partnerships and the great unity on all fronts between the United States and Germany.

The visit was on the week of German-American day October 6, and close to anniversary of Germany unification twenty five years ago, for which the United States played a crucial role.

“And as Germany recently marked an important milestone in reunification, it’s a great reminder that not only was reunification important for Germany, but it was important for Europe, it was important for the transatlantic relationship, and it was important for the world. 

Germany obviously is one of our strongest allies. And the President continues to give voice to the importance of the U.S.-German relationship, to the values of tolerance and democracy and human rights and freedom that are so important to both of our countries.

So we welcome President Gauck. I look forward to an excellent discussion about how we can further deepen our already extraordinarily strong ties, and deeply appreciate the work that he’s done on behalf of Germany and on behalf of the world.” stated President Obama during his meeting with President Gauck

President Gauck also thanked President Obama’s invitation and elaborated:

“My visit has to be viewed in a broader historical context.  Seventy years ago, Germany suffered a vast defeat, a defeat that then turned into a liberation for the country.  Many Americans gave their lives at that time in order to bring out that liberation.  Twenty-five years ago, my country became reunited.  Americans like the then-President George W. Bush Senior and other Americans have expressed their strong support firmly and early on in ensuring Germany became united.  One cannot but express one’s gratitude for that fact.  And this is how I want my visit to be understood.

It is in this context that you have mentioned the places I’ve had the pleasure to visit during my visit here.  In Philadelphia, I went to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  I went to the room in which important documents of importance for the integrity of the United States of America — Freedom for everyone, that is — a Nation of Liberty on display. 

I still remember very fondly the joy felt by the German people when you for the first time came to pay a visit to my country.  And that feeling of openness and joy was a feeling that was addressed to you, Mr. President, but it was also German hearts going out to the American people and to the Nobel Peace Laureate, Barack Obama.  And I think that that is an illustration of the fact that, despite the disagreements and misunderstandings that occur every once in a while — and I think that is only natural, in a way, amongst partners — we are very close.  We are cooperating closely.  We share common values.  And I would wish to underline this here now once again.”  ©The White House/office of the Press Secretary


During this official trip President Gauck visited the University of Pennsylvania on ‘German-American Day’ and delivered a speech.

“Freedom is our shared bond. For this reason, it is our duty today—as it was in the past—to shoulder responsibility and to work with and for each other.”

Federal President Joachim Gauck. October 2015 ©the University of Pennsylvania

Bundespraesidnet Gauck historical speech on ‘German-American Day’ in the University of Pennsylvania. 6 October 2015

Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck an der University of Pennsylvania. 6 October 2015