The Award of Excellence for die Bundeswehr from the UN Peacekeeping Center NY

In November 2014, the Bundeswehr UN Peacekeeping Training Center received, for the third time, the certificate of Excellence for Military Experts on Mission.

                        Generalmajor Walter Spindler mit Oberst Reinhard Barz, 2014 Major General Walter Spindler presented the Award to Colonel Reinhard Barz. Hammelburg, Germany 12.November 2014 ©die Bundeswehr

In an official ceremony at the Bundeswehr’s UN Peacekeeping Training Center in Hammelburg, the Commander of the Training Command Major General Walter Spindler presented ‘The Award of Excellence for Military Experts on Mission’ from the UN Department of Peacekeeping New York, to Colonel Reinhard Barz.

This is the third time, since 2007, that the Bundeswehr Peacekeeping Training Center in Hammelburg has been recognized and honoured with the Award of Excellence, for its unique quality of education and training, by the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping in New York.

Among other Military education, the Center also trains the UN Military Observers for the various missions in the world.
In the recent time the Center has been training a team of Bundeswehr Personnel as the Military observers for the missions in Western Sahara, Southern Sudan and Ukraine.



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