‘The Liberty Train’ of September 1989

In memory of the brave people in East Germany and their historic fight for Freedom 1945-1990

Although the fight against Communism in East Germany started from the first day of end of second world war, yet it was in 10 September 1989 that marked the monumental beginning of the final path to Freedom and  Liberation of the East Germany from the Communism and DDR regime.



The Liberty Train of 30 September 1989  ‘Zug in die Freiheit’………the journey to Freedom……………

                             East-German refugees wave to newsmen as they leave©Broadview.tv


In a statistic report published by Bayer Radio/TV in November 2012,

  • There were:
    4 Million People escaped from East ‘DDR’ to the West Germany until 1989.
  • 390,000 Political Prisoners who fought for freedom or attempted to overthrown the DDR system in East Germany
  • And 190,000 people lost their lives or victim for fighting for Freedom (According to Association of  der Stasi-Opfer)


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