Deutscher Astronaut Alexander Gerst auf der International Space Station

On May 28 2014, the European Space Agency’s selected Astronaut of 2009, Alexander Gerst of Germany, with a successful lift off the Soyuz rocket travelled to the Space with an American and Russian Astronauts.

                        Alexander Gerst Deutscher Astronaut Alexander Gerst (left) with Russian (center) and the American Astronaut(right) ©dlr

In the recent years Alexander Gerst is the third German Astronaut travelling to the International Space Station ISS. He has gone under extensive training since 2009 when he was selected for this Space mission ‘Expedition 40/41′.                                                                                During the next six months stationing in ISS, Alexander Gerst will be in charge of Flight Engineering process along with other scientific researches in the Space.


In honour of all German Astronauts especially those from die Bundeswehr.

Brigadegeneral Thomas Arthur Reiter from the German Air-Force


Born 1958 in Frankfurt Germany,  Brigadier General Thomas Arthur Reiter is one of the best Astronaut in the world.  

He graduated from the German Armed-Forces university with Master and  Doctorate in Aerospace Technology.                                                                                          In 1992 he went under flight training as a Pilot in ETPS  (the flight training of British Air-Force) England.  Later on he was assigned a specialized  Military Jet  training in US Air-Force Texas.                

Before being selected to joining the European Space Programme he served in the German Air Force as Operational Group Commander of a Tornado Fighter-bomber.

                                                  Brigadegeneral Thomas Reiter©


In 1992 he was selected to work with the European Astronaut Corps.

In 1995 he achieved an unique record-breaking in 179 days on ESA’s Euromir 95 mission. And between September 1995 to February 1996 with two successful spacewalks.                                                                                                                                         From October 1996 to July 1997 he went under a special Space training on Soyuz-TM spacecraft operations,  when he was awarded the Russian ‘Soyuz Return Commander’ certificate. And became  Commander of the  Soyuz for the journey back from the  space.                                                                                                      He was also  in  2006  assigned  in the Astrolab mission, the first European long-duration to the International Space ISS.  During this mission he performed another three successfully-recorded spacewalks.                                                                   Since 2011 Brigadegeneral  Reiter  has been the Director of European Space Programme Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations.