Ministerin von der Leyen auf Truppenbesuch in der Türkei

German Defense Minister Dr. von der Leyen visited the Bundeswehr mission in Turkey early this week.


The visit highlighted Germany commitment for the security of the border between Turkey-Syria, the region  and Europe.


March 24-25 2014 (video courtesy of die Bundeswehr)

Along side of the border between Turkey-Syrian there are Military missions deployed from US, Netherlands, and Germany. Their mission is  part of NATO’s Patriotic Missile system, to protect Turkey and the neighboring countries from any kind of hazardous or Ballistic Missile  threats from Syria. 

Die  Bundeswehr has been given the mandate since 2012 until 2015 with the deployment of  400 Military personnel in Turkey in this NATO-led operation under article 4 of NATO Treaty. However the mission is classified as a defensive operation.